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Interforest migration of SMTP addresses for Distribution Lists with SID history


I am in the process of migrating Distribution Lists from Exchange 2003 in one forest to Exchange 2007 in another. I used ADMT to bring over the groups with SID history, but the Exchange attributes (SMTP addresses) did not come over with the groups.

Does anyone know of a way to bring over the SMTP addresses (preferrably in powershell) without giving up the SID?

Max points for elegant solution. Don't suggest ADMT as I already learned ADMT does not handle Exchange attribs.
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you'll need to read this

Exchange 2007 Cross Org Mailbox Migration
jmilczekAuthor Commented:
I hate it when people don't read the question before posting...FAIL. I figured out a way to do it in Powershell anyway so I'll post it on here.
excuse me for trying to help you then - I'll not bother in future
jmilczekAuthor Commented:
Powershell code attched...group scope will have to be universal (BE CAREFUL what you convert to Universal - recommend changing on source domain and testing for a while first)

$s = Get-Credential
get-distributiongroup -credential $s -domaincontroller "xxxx.srcdomain.local" | foreach-object {
Write-host -foregroundcolor blue "Processing..."$_.Name
$srcDG = get-distributiongroup -credential $s -domaincontroller "xxxx.srcdomain.local" $_.Name
enable-distributiongroup -domaincontroller "xxxx.destdomain.local" -Identity $_.Name
Set-DistributionGroup -domaincontroller "xxxx.destdomain.local" $_.Name -emailAddresses $srcDG.emailAddresses -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false
Set-DistributionGroup $_.Name -PrimarySMTPAddress $srcDG.PrimarySmtpAddress
$dstDG = get-distributiongroup -domaincontroller "xxxx.destdomain.local" $_.Name
Write-host -foregroundcolor green "Result: "$dstDG,$dstDG.PrimarySmtpAddress

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jmilczekAuthor Commented:
Correct, if you do not blindly respond to questions, future members will find the right answer in less time. Thank you for understanding.
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