nested Citrix session drive mappings

We have a client running their own internal network. one of their local drive mappings is U:. The users access a Citrix published application over the web on our servers (PS 4.5). While running the application the users require access to their U: drive. This is accomplished with a "change client U: U:" in their login script. Works fine. The client is converting their whole network to Citrix PS 4.5. While testing their new setup, the user sees the U: drive in their local Citrix session. when the user connects to our Citrix server over the web as before, the U: drive does not map and is not available. If the U: drive is mapped on their local PC before their local Citrix session is established, then the U: drive is available in both local and remote Citrix sessions. It seems as if the "client" nature of a Citrix server originated ICA connection is different to a workstation running the ICA client. All reasonable suggestions gratefully received.
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jamescravenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I believe I have found a solution. On the first Citrix server, a registry change is required to enable NativeDriveMapping.
HKLM .. \SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Configuration\Advanced\Modules\ClientDrive
Create the Reg Value: NativeDriveMapping
Reg Type: REG_SZ
Add the Value: True
I have tested this in a Citrix to Citrix hop - I can map and access the K: drive with the Change Client K: K: command. There may be a knock on effect for other drive letter mappings but that should be straightforward.
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
I can test this later, but I am guessing the issue has to do with in 4.5 the client drives are mapped as U: and V: if the client has a C: and a D drive.  When you try and map a nested U: it doesn't have a place to map it to.

If you can test a couple of users and see if you map the drive as Q and see if it works.
jamescravenAuthor Commented:
For the testing I have managed to complete, the client w/s has C: & D: The client-side Citrix server drives were remapped during Citrix install to M: (boot), N: & O: - Our Citrix server uses the same M: (boot), N: drives. The U: drive only exists as a mapped drive in a session on their Citrix server. I have tried using T: and K: just in case there was a conflict with the default Citrix configuration. As I tried to explain in the original question, the issue seems to relate to the way their Citrix server "in the middle" is recognised by ours.  As I mentioned, I can make the double hop back to the client workstations drive mappings but not the single hop to their Citrix session mappings. Finally, they tell me that there may be some embedded linux thin client devices coming soon, so I cannot rely on the w/s holding the drive mapping.
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