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Ok below are the lists of err-diable resons on a cisco 3750 switch. Now most of them I understand, but does any one have a list of all of them?

for instance community-limit, or lsgroup? I dont use these features so dont really know what they do. But I am documenting at the moment and I need to know what they are, so I can say wey I don't have them enabled or configured.

Does any one know of a complete list of the causes and explinations of them? in paticular


ErrDisable Reason      Detection    Mode
-----------------      ---------    ----
arp-inspection          Enabled      port
bpduguard               Enabled      port
channel-misconfig       Enabled      port
community-limit         Enabled      port
dhcp-rate-limit         Enabled      port
dtp-flap                Enabled      port
gbic-invalid            Enabled      port
inline-power            Enabled      port
invalid-policy          Enabled      port
l2ptguard               Enabled      port
link-flap               Enabled      port
loopback                Enabled      port
lsgroup                 Enabled      port
mac-limit               Enabled      port
pagp-flap               Enabled      port
port-mode-failure       Enabled      port
psecure-violation       Enabled      port/vlan
security-violation      Enabled      port
sfp-config-mismatch     Enabled      port
small-frame             Enabled      port
storm-control           Enabled      port
udld                    Enabled      port
vmps                    Enabled      port
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAsked:
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harbor235Connect With a Mentor Commented:


harbor235 ;}
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
This still dosn't tell me what they are though.

I have a list for most of them, and I just wanted a simple explination for each.

If my managers ask why we have some turned on and not others. a responce of "well I don't know what that one does" is not going to go down very well.

I have now found out what most of them do, I was jsut curious if any one had a nice list of all of them.
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What do you mean? tell you what they are? for example which one?

You need to turn on features like udld to get an errdisable, if the port goes into a udld state it is errdisabled, if there is a port security violation it goes into errdisable. The doc is pretty straight forward and gives causes based on te the feature you have turned on. Again, most of the states will not happen to you unless you enable a particular feature and there is a violation or problem, it will depend how you configure the feature.

harbor235 ;}
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
I am aware of what 80% of those do.

however some thing like community limit. This is not a feature that I use,

but i would like a list like below that included all the features off err-disable with brief description.

now I don't use communities in my network, and I have no idea what community this is talking about, switch communities, snmp? etc...

serching cisco for documentation on community limit does not give back much helpfull information, and I am suprised that cisco don't have more information (or at least links to the respectice documentation) in the papers on Err-disable they have.       

I understand fully how err-disable works, and how to configure it. All i want is some brief information on some of the ones I do not currently implement on my network so I can justifie to managment why they are not enababled.

When my managers ask why its not enababled and i respond becasue we dont use that feature, the next question will be why dont we use it?

Like with Community-limit I am not clear on waht sub system this refers to.

but an the expliation such as that for VMPS below, although this dosent tell me how to set VMPS up, does give me enough information to know what it is on about and let me know if i should enabable it or not.
ErrDisable Reason		Mode		Detection			
arp-inspection		Port		Disabled			Detects errors with dynamic ARP inspection
bpduguard  		Port		Enabled			Detects when a spanning-tree bridge protocol data unit (BPDU) is received on a port configured for STP portfast
channel-misconfig		Port		Enabled			Detects an error with an EtherChannel bundle
community-limit		Port		Disabled			
dhcp-rate-limit		Port		Disabled			Detects an error with DHCP snooping
dtp-flap		Port		Enabled			Detects when trunking encapsulation is changing from one type to another
gbic-invalid 		Port		Enabled			Detects the presence of an invalid GBIC or SFP module
inline-power		Port		Disabled			Detects an error with offering inline power
invalid-policy		Port		Disabled			
l2ptguard		Port		Disabled			Detects an error with Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling
link-flap		Port		Enabled			Detects when the port link state is "flapping" between the up and down states
loopback		Port		Enabled			Detects when an interface has been looped back
lsgroup		Port		Disabled			link state tracking
mac-limit		Port		Disabled			Enable timer to recover from mac limit disable state
pagp-flap		Port		Enabled			Detects when an EtherChannel bundles ports no longer have consistent configurations
port-mode-failure           Port		Disabled			Enable timer to recover from port mode change failure
psecure-violation		Port/Vlan		Disabled			Detects conditions that trigger port security configured on a port
security-violation		Port		Disabled			Detects errors related to port security
sfp-config-mismatch	Port		Disabled			Enable timer to recover from SFP config mismatch error
small-frame		Port		Disabled			
storm-control		Port		Enabled			Detects when a storm control threshold has been exceeded on a port
udld		         Port	         Enabled	Detects when a link is seen to be unidirectional (data passing in only one direction)
vmps		         Port		Disabled			Detects errors when assigning a port to a dynamic VLAN through VLAN membership policy server (VMPS)

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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
Well not quite what I need, dont seem to be able to find a simle list anywhere, but cheers for the help.
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