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Opening a .DWG file in Visio 2007

Last Modified: 2013-12-04
Ok. I have a .dwg file and I have next to no experience with AutoCad. I am trying to open this file in Visio 2007 so that I can convert it, however i keep getting the same error saying it cant open because it might not be a .dwg or .dxf or the file might be corrupted. I have tried saving it in different formats in autocad, including AutoCad2000/LT2000 (.dwg).

I know the file is not corrupted. Why cant I get this to open?

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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and Developer
Most Valuable Expert 2011

If the file is smaller than the EE limit of 50MB and doesn't contain proprietary data, why don't you upload it here so I can try opening it.

Also, how are you trying to open it? By using Insert/CAD file from the main menu or another method?

NOTE: For historical reasons, Experts Exchange doesn't allow upload of very many file types, consequently, you will need to change the file extension of the file to .txt before you will be able to upload it.

Just to double check, when you open the drawing in AutoCAD, it should say what version it is. What does it say?


Scott: I have tried inserting it and opening it. Unfortunately, I cant upload it for confidentiality reasons.

borqunit: It was created in 2010. The AutoCad Version is the Unregistered Version-- My company wants to try it out for a few weeks to see how well it works with our other programs and files (i.e. Visio.)

I have tried re-saving the file in just about every format AutoCad 2010 has to offer and none have worked (I'll attach a print screen of all of the options... as I am very "green" with AutoCad.)

I only ask to check the version because some of our users save it to a lower version and then upon exiting AutoCAD hit the OK button for saving the file and then it is overwritten (saved again) as the higher version.
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.

We have had problems sending files with a lower version of AutoCAD to clients.

What works for us.  Instead of saving it as a lower version, go to the file menu and about half way down is "Export to AutoCAD" - select a version - and choose your file name and path.

I don't have 2010 but I assume the menu is similar.

First, I am not using Autocad 2010.

Did you really tried to save the drawing in autocad 2000 version and tried it? I did search in Microsoft and according to MS support threads , Visio 2007 cannot open the newer .dwg file format that is used by AutoCAD 2004 and later versions. any way it should be support the downgrade dwg's before 2004 ( 2002,2000 etc:)

Please refer the below thread.

Hope this helps.


dhsindy-- unfortunately, the export did not work either.

MaduKp-- Yes. I really did try that... as I read the same article.. and it didnt work. Hence, I am here at EE.
When you open the file in AutoCAD, use the F2 key to display the full text window. It should tell you which AutoCAD version the files is you are opening. Verify that the fiels are indeed something 2004 or earlier.

You can also try oepning the file up directly in notepad (don't save the files). The very first characters will read as follows depending on the file format version...

AC1014 (AutoCAD r14)
AC1015 (AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002)
AC1018 (AutoCAD 2004,2005,2006)
AC1021 (AutoCAD 2007,2008,2009)
AC1024 (AutoCAD 2010)

This will verify tye fiel version.

If you indeed to have the file saved back properly, there's a chance that some of the 2010 specific objects might not be represented in a way in the older formats that Visio can read. You might want to try doing a DXFOUT (not SAVEAS DXF) where you only export the entities which then eliminates a lot of header and dictionary database info...it's as light weight a DXF as can be.

Also, have you tried copy/paste?


Here is the file version type
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it may be an old subject, but whet tryig the copy- paste way, i get error 906 " visio cant open the OLE file.
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