Outgoing mail should be copy automatically to one user.

All emails which are sent out are to be stored in a separate folder for auditing purpose 2 email ids incomingmails@ourdomainname.com and outgoingmails@ourdomainname.com will be created and copy of all mails sent and received by your domain name will be available in the above email ids, the mail administrator will have complete rights to view the same.

we are running Hosted exchagne server, how can we implement this..,

looking forword for solution.

Regards, Raju
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KBRajuAuthor Commented:
any help would be appriciated
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
what you are looking for is built into exchange and is called "journaling" - ask your hosting provider to enable it for you.
KBRajuAuthor Commented:
but we need it on Hosted Exchange environment, we have multiple domains...for that reason to make each user as a Journal user is make us difficult...insted one domain is journal..

Please post the articlese if we have help on HMC 4.0 which is supports domain Journals
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