how do i know if i have fried my motherboard on macbook pro?

the screen on my macbook pro has recently stoped working. i fear it is because i close the laptop without closing a streaming video, and it has not gone to sleep, instead overheated the motherboard.  i there are no lights working, and when i open and close the laptop screen the sleeper light goes from dim to bright with the up and down movement of the screen. it makes the usual start up sound, but then the screen dosen't respnd. is there anyway i could check to be certain of the problem?
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strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The most likely problem is the MacBook Pro video card. This is a well known problem. Early MBP's had defective video cards and Apple has an warranty extension to deal with this. See:
campbeAuthor Commented:
is there an easy way i could do this myself? or do i have to get a tech person to do it for me?
strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take it in to an Apple store. They will likely replace the whole motherboard for free. You cannot do it yourself.
What you did is probably unrelated.  It may still be under warranty.  Check your warranty status at
if you have one stick and external lcd into the dvi port and reboot.
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