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Our webserver suddenly started to give 721 errors when someone tries to vpn in. Even the admin cannot vpn in. We have a cisco pass through router as our firewall and port 1723 is enabled and forwards traffic to the web server network address and is set to tcp. Clients machines are using PPTP. OS of the server is SBS 2003. We tried rebooting the router and then tried rebooting the server itself. We've never needed to bother with protocol 47 and I forget why, but this is definitely not the problem. So what else could the problem be? Could it be a windows firewall issue? We've had that disabled (if it even comes with SBS 2003) and we instead use our router. So is there a place in 2003 where I can check if it has a firewall and if it's enabled? Any other ideas?

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Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

Please read the below article;

BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
The problem ended up being where on the router 1723 was enabled. It was enabled on the UPnP section. When i disabled this and enabled it in the custom actions section of the router admin, suddenly it worked. So it doesn't like UPnP for VPN
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