win 2003 & exchange

Im in the process of creating a website and offering a service to install & setup:

win 2003
exchange 2003 - for internal & external email for those customers that require it, hopefully

I myself have primarily worked on Intel type Pentium 2/3 & 4, my home pc is dell, and had some experience of IBM.

Is there any website out there that offers good deals in buying individual or bulk order computers for the above, and hubs, switches and as they will be for Small to medium type businness, then only those basic cisco 800 type routers would be needed.

somewhere I can go and get a good no hastle, and delivery & customer service aggreement?

Ive heard that Dell can be NIGHTMARES when it comes to the way they do business!!
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LinkNJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should really look into Microsoft Small Business Server for your installs.  It is a powerful solution for a lot less then the full versions of the software.
Also, if you are going to be reselling computers and networking products you should consider an account with Techdata or Ingram Micro.  There are other distributers also, but I use Techdata so not sure of the others.  Good luck, Rob.
CoSmismgrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are wanting to sell the software, you will need to obtain a reseller's license from Microsoft, not an easy task.

If you will have your clients purchase the software elsewhere and then you do the setup, all you need is a way to set your services apart from the rest.

As far as the computers go, there are hundreds of options out there. Dell is a great place to start, and you should work on starting a working relationship with a small business representative to point you in the right direction.
LinkNJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry we posted at the same time, but CoSmismgr brings up a good point and Techdata can help you get the reseller Authorizations you need and also have advisors for your business and just about every type of product.  Great company to work with actually.  You can also puchase Dell's for resale from them as they just started distributing for Dell, but I don't do that so I have no experience to share... we build our own.
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mikey250Author Commented:
Hi CoSmismgrDate, Yes I understand although I know people have had nightmare problems with regards to support!
mikey250Author Commented:
hi LinkNJDate,

I have not used SBS yet but I have an eval copy I will setup, when I get round to it so I know exactly what to do.  As Ive learned from win 2003 & exchange separate eval discs.

And Yes so ive been told SBS is cheaper, but I know there are good and bad deals out there and costs can vary.  But wanted to know does anyone know of any company in the UK or branch companies that do good deals?

Im not looking on reselling computers, but maybe buying them on order from the customer first and then set it up.

I will look at Techdata though! thanks!
LinkNJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want to stay away from Dell, you could resell HP, Acer, as well as many others with your account at a distributer like Techdata.  I have been using them for about 8 years now and am very happy.  Order's over $1000 are free shipping but I am in the USA so not sure if that applies to you.  They are definately an international distributer however... a quote from their about us page: "Tech Data serves more than 125,000 IT solution providers in over 100 countries"  Good luck, Rob.
mikey250Author Commented:
I understand I made a note of Techdata. thanks!
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