Cisco routers - QoS or CoS

I have two Cisco 2800 routers that are connected via a MPLS cloud.  I want to give priority to the Citrix ICA clients over the print traffic and other less critical traffic.  I have been reading Cisco documentation on Policy, Traffic Shaping, Quality of Service and Cost of Service.  I have not been able to really determine if CoS or QoS is what I should be using to accomplish this.  Can somebody help clarify this?

If you have any links to good documentation for its introdution and setup,  I would appreciate them as well.

Thank you!
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Qos, quality of service.
DilbertW01Author Commented:
Thanks, srepphan!

Anybody have any links to Cisco's website or others with some good documentation?  
From what i hear one of the best study materials for QoS is the CCVP QoS study guide.

there is also the cisco press QoS book
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