Need a fax solution

I have a user that needs a fax machine.  They want the fax to accept incoming docs, and email them to specific users as needed.  

If this is not possible, want the fax to hold the doc, so it can be forwarded via email, and not paper to keep the electronic copy.

I think there is only one fax to #.  

What products am I looking for?
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jdcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use snappy fax, after receiving the fax you can tell the program to make a copy o pdf format to the location of your coice and then foward it to the respective user

loftywormAuthor Commented:
Yes, but what if I do not want to use a server bases solution, I want just a fax machine, no server.
This could be installed on any machine not necesary on a server
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