How to implement "NavigateURL" function in VB ASP.Net code

This is a very newbie question. I'm a career programmer getting into ASP.Net programming. I hope you'll be kind. :)

I'm using Visual Web Developer to manage a web application with two forms: a main menu and a transaction form. I'm using Visual Basic and code-behind files. I have a menu object on the first form that calls the second form using the NavigateURL property of the menuitem object. I would like to add a button on the second form that takes me back to the menu form when work on the transaction form is done. I have an on-click event connected to the button.

How do I navigate back to the menu form from within the Visual Basic code-behind file?
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mohan_sekarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if that's the case, try response.redirect("menu.aspx")
you can do it on the client side - javascript:history.go(-1);
jrollins138Author Commented:
Will this still work if there have been multiple displays of the transaction page? I would prefer to reference the target page specifically by name ("menu.aspx").

jrollins138Author Commented:

Exactly what I need. Thanks.
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