MS Office 2007 Error after closing all word files.


Please see attachment for error I get when closing all word files.

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dopyiiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does it happen in Word safe mode (start > run > type winword /a and hit enter)? If not, then try this:

You may have to make a couple of minor adjustments for Office 2007. My impression is that it's a problem with normal.dotm.
Brian WithunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you were to launch word without opening any document, and then close it down without having opened any documents, will this still happen?

jacksch4820Author Commented:
When I launch word without opening any document I dont get this error only when I open word file and after closing get the error and word will launch again.

Also tried start > run > type winword /a and hit enter same problem
My office is installed on a new pc XP PRO SP3 but big problem is made image of pc and deployed to 50 pcs all have same problem
jacksch4820Author Commented:
Loading service pack 2 solved problem
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