A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

I have tryed everything here, and read other solution on here and other place on internet. And searching the internett loocing is the same problem is with W Vista 64.
I have a new pc, with Asus P6T delux motherboard
I7 920 prsessor
2x Baracude !tera disc in raid 0 (sata)
6Gb Ram
One Nec Dvd rom and one Samsung Dvd Rom (sata)

So the problem is the instalation go loading in files, and starting and comming with this message
(A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing ... try to browse or ...) I have search on internet and I think is realley many out there with the same problem, but no solutions. 
I have try this:
Cuttting of one of the sata DVD, and then I cut both, and find a old IDE Dvd, one more, so I have try 4 difrent DVD players.
Then I try to tacing avai the raid system and setting the system to single HDD, 
Then I install Raid again, and try to both from a flash drive
But nothing helping here, The same message comming up. 
Can someone help me out, before the PC wil be dropped out the window here..... 
Desperat now..
and go to sleep, I have try for 14 hour now..

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I don't think this error is saying that it has an issue with the DVD drive.  It's saying that it can't find a driver for your system, and you should put in the DVD/CD with the drivers for that hardware.

You need to remove any extra PCI cards, hard drives, USB devices, or anything else connected to the PC.  Only leave the mandatory pieces connected.  You should only have one hard drive, one DVD drive, Motherboard, and RAM.  Plugged into the computer.  Then try the reinstall.  If it still asks for the DVD/CD locate the motherboard CD and put that in and try it again.  If that doesn't work you could try browsing the CD for the driver.  If that doesn't work then locate your video card CD and try that.

good luck
can you go to device manager and see whats the pending device. see the devices with a exclaimation or qn mark and we can catch hold of the neededd device soon
J_aAuthor Commented:
I remove any extra PCI cards, hard drives, USB devices and born a new DVD with innstalation of Win 7 RC 7100 And Now I'm running. :) Tnx
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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Just wanted to post my personal experience on this error message...

Original System was: Vista Home Premium 64-bit (HP Pavilion dv7 / Intel Core 2 Duo CPU / T5800 @ 2.00 GHz / 4.00 GB RAM)
Clean Installation of: Windows 7 Professional RTM 64-bit (via MSDN/TechNet subscription)

Manually backed up all my important data on an external USB drive.
Downloaded the ISO and verified the SHA1 hash matched.
Burned a copy and then proceed with the install...

Install started but then came up with the "A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing" error.
The previous system was using the built-in Microsoft driver so now what....?

Burned a second copy at slowest speed (4x) and tried again with the same resulting error.

Burned a third copy on a DIFFERENT COMPUTER at slowest speed (4x) running Win XP.
Lo and behold...the install ran much faster and completed with flying colors!
(I formatted the drive as part of the install process.)

*** So for me, the problem was that my first two burned DVDs were actually corrupt. ***

I'm loving Windows 7!  I've only had one crash total so far...it was in Windows Explorer very early on when I hit the Back button.  The OS  nicely detected all my devices and led me thru the process of updating them.

Here is what I have installed and running without problem thus far:
   Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Standard <-- She's working perfectly without crashing all the time now!
   Microsoft Expression 2 Suite
   Microsoft Office 2007 Professional
   Microsoft Zune 3.1.620.0
   Google Chrome
   Steam with Left 4 Dead (with all current updates)
   IrfanView 4.25
   Acrobat Reader 9
   Tivo Desktop 2.7 (323086) <-- I listen to Music thru my Television Set via TIVO
Thanks for the post, good information to know.
Brilliant. I spent three hours trying to track down the mysterious drivers before I found Idle_Mind's post. I did the exact same thing: same Win7 ISO, different PC, burned at the slowest speed. Exact same result. Thanks Idle!
Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Glad it helped you!  =)
I'm rather late, but just if anyone else sees this post in the future - in addition to Idle_Mind's solution, you may find that the ISO you have downloaded isn't fully there - compare the file size of the download with what the website says it should be.

Mine was about 1.5GB when it should have been over 3GB, yet the ISO still burnt the DVD ok and booted, it just got stuck at the drivers section as mentioned by the OP.

Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Definitely check to make sure any ISO is correct before burning it!  =)

Most companies who provide an ISO will also provide the corresponding HASH that you can check against to verify that your file was downloaded correctly.

I can't find a link at the moment, but Microsoft does provide a command line tool that can compute the hash of the download so you can verify it.  There are lots of free tools on the net that do this as well.
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