Persistent Network path not found problem.

I have 3 computers in my home network.

A Desktop, ASUS, running XP Home/SP3 which has 3 drives holding all the data I  wish to share.

A Laptop, DELL, dual-booted with XP Pro/SP3 and Windows 7 RC 7100.

A Laptop, ACER, dual-booted with XP Pro/SP3 and Windows 7 RC 7100.

They all belong to Workgroup, HOMENET7.

The 2 Windows 7 systems are connected by Homegroup as well.

All the systems happily share data EXCEPT I cannot access the XP systems on the ASUS and ACER from the W7 system  on the DELL..

 the machines show in Computer->Network but double-clicking them gives Network path not found 0x80070055.

I tried everything I can think of, including re-installing Windows 7 on the DELL but it still doesnt work.

Please help whilst I have a little hair left ;-)
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ee_autoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Question PAQ'd, 500 points refunded, and stored in the solution database.
See if this MS article helps>

"You cannot view other workgroup computers on the network on a Windows XP-based computer":

Further suggestions from this forum >>
"The network path was not found":
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
hmm, thanks but no cigar ;-)

Logically (!) it must be something to do with the Windows 7 system on the Dell rather than the XP systems as I can access the XP systems form the Windows 7 system on the Acer.. but i have no idea what.. I re-installed the bloody thing already ;-(
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According to Error 0x80070055 means "The local device name  is already in use".

All computers, the workgroup and homgroup have different names? The two laptop are using different names with each operating system?

chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
sorry typo - 0x80070035 'network path not found' is the error.
Can you ping the IP address of the ASUS desktop from the Dell laptop running W7?
Have you already tried to disable the firewalls temporarily on both machines? (just to rule out that it's a firewall issue)

Mark PavlakCommented:
Windows 7 is still in beta! The RC1 is just about ready, it may be an issue with the OS.  But have you tried getting to your shares via IP?  
chrisfixitAuthor Commented:
Mea Culpa - I'm an idiot - I had Threatfire installed and although I had it disabled in Startup this just stopped the program - the service was still running and was causing the problem.
Even "mea maxima culpa" ?

Well, at least you've resolved it  : )
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