SBS server and outlook error

I have been getting an error recently on all outlook client machines when they try and open outlook (attched), when I restart the "microsoft exchange Information Store" service on our SBS 2003 box it fixes the issue. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening?
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osa2Connect With a Mentor Commented:

It should be under advanced management. ->  System managment

Or via start -> system management -> log books.
try to find MsExchange errors and report the event ID number. So we can find out why you are getting the error message
mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Here is the error
PLease look in the small business server in to the log books. Server-management -> advanced settings -> local computer -> log books -> try to see which event id triggers the behaviour of stopping the exchange information store.
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mistyflyAuthor Commented:
Hi OSA2:, I odn't seem to have that path, I get to server management and I have Standard or advanced management, but I don't have local comuter in advanced management?
Hi there, try making a new outlook profile to see if it a server or client issue. Consult the event log application log for MSExchange errors, should find the issue fast.
mistyflyAuthor Commented:
It turned out to be full mailboxs, I need to find an archiving solution! Thanks for the help though
outlook can archive message for you if you want. This option can be found in outlook.
Go to Extro -> options -> other tab. Ind the middle there is a section calle auto arcive.
You can set this to archive like every 14 days.

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