Understanding Application Streaming in Citrix

Hi Guys

I had a query about Application streaming I can't get my head around.

We are running Citrix 4.5 Enterprise. We have a Streaming Profiler machine and a bunch of PS servers. So far, I understand we create a profile on the Streaming Profiler and then publish this using the Access Management Console.

Which Citrix server is actually responsible for sending the stream down to the client? When I publish the app as Stream to Client, there is no field to enter the name of a Presentation Server? And where should the share that holds the profile be held....so far, it is held on a share on the actual Streaming Profiler, should it be held on a file/print share or similar?

Also, since I am running Enterprise, do I still need to purchase any extra licenses for the streaming functionality?

Any help appreciated!
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zoubi77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you will find ALL answers to your questions here:

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