Help me on building my ultimate solution for media and signal streaming in home

Hi there,

I know that what i am going to ask is  really complecated but i hope if some bodey can advice. i am stucked for 2 months now just to build what is in my mind.

What i am looking for  is  to build a full streaming solution inside my house.

This is the scenario:  i have 6 rooms, 3 in the first floor and 3 in the second floor. each room has a full hd 40 inc tv.

the adsl line is located in the second floor and connected to a linksys modem/router. I have dreambox 800 and i am using the internet sharing feature which supported by this reciver which will be showing me multiple packages  like showtime, Orbit and ART. Also i have a firedtv s2 box as a tuner connected to my pc if this will help you in building my solution

Now what i want is to have an upgradable NAS which can be accessed through gig network where i will be saving all my blue ray file or media in general. Also would like to know which best extender to buy to attach them to the 6 HD TV's. also i would like to have the ability to streame the dreambox signal to all the tvs too.

this give me a concolusion that i will need a Network media player which plays all kind of file types without exception, network componans like gig routers and gig switches and for sure extenders for all the tvs.

I dont have any money issues. I would like to build a solution which will let me  check my media staff which is located in my nas  from anyTV  in house even if it is in blue ray quality. also would like all the tvs to be connected to  one dreambox if posibble through the network and even if it requires  hardware to be purchase i dont mind purchasing them. for sure it will be nice if this hardware will let each tv can have the control to see a defferent channel than the master source.

Also i will prefer if you can recommend to me also the nas which should be cabapale to upgrade to diferent hard disk speeds . i am talking about a 16 terabyte nas as a start which lets say has an 8 bays with 2tera hard disck . and supported more disck speeds in future.

Having a wireless coverage as an additioanl feature will be nice  too if is it consedered in the solution, where connected laptops can also get the benefet of the wireless to see the blueray streaming films.

Can you recommend me with product names and parts needed to get this setup if lets say you have the money and you wana do this for your self in home. what you will recommend in this case?

this will be nice if some bodey can help me in this.

Need advice on product names and models. from all prespective ( Network componants, Network media player, Network cable tybes.....etc.........)

Thanks in advanced
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the kind of question that you pay a Home Theater installer to design.  We work for free, so our time is somewhat limited.

Here is a site with some very good info on design and products for home theaters:

I myself have a video server that captures HD video on a RAID-5 array and I can view it from any PC in the house - they are all connected via a gigabit network.  The files are playable with BeyondTV's software (which is what I record with) or using VLC - VLC is a universal player with streaming capabilities (which I do not use, as I can play the files directly from a pc).  You can go with wireless connectivity using a media extender, like the DLink DSM-330
uaeabudhabi77Author Commented:
is my quision that much hard ? no bodey think before of doing what i am asking about today ?

i am sure somebodey can help ?
uaeabudhabi77Author Commented:
Hi Callandor:

thanks of the replay. Is BeyondTV's can play all kind of file types, like mkv avi divx vidx etc......

also i have an importan quision and i hope if you have an anser for it. I am interested to use HDX1000 as an extender but  does it a real extender because i can see that it is a media server it self but i am interested to know if this product  can get the tv channels from the windows media centre  or not. Can you answer me on this because i read alot looking for this answer but with no luck .

can Hdx1000 see the tv channels streamed by WMC or not. Does it also consider as an extender or not ?

thanks in advance
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VLC can play all kinds of media files, not BeyondTV.

The HDX1000 can pick up streaming video, not the TV channels in windows media center.  The tuner used by windows media center is how it selects a channel, and as far as I know, no device allows you to select a channel remotely and then lets you view it remotely - it has to stream it.
uaeabudhabi77Author Commented:

thanks for the replay but any idea how to configure and setup vlc as my application streaming. Also is there any application which can be by media streaming application in addition of tv channels streaming by the tuner attach to it, i dontmind to purchase it if it is not free. also do you have any idea of the best extender which can work with this kind of media streaming  which have both the meda streaming functunility and tv tunner streaming.
Here's a tutorial on how to stream using VLC:

I don't know of any media extender that also has a tuner, but a quick search turned up this Niveus n9 media server:  If price is no object, it may be what you want.
gikkelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Xbox 360 and PS3 are very good extender's (PS3 is very, very good - just no media center).  Unfortunately Xbox has some HD audio issues when streaming (I don't think 7.1 works at this point).  
I use Windows 7 for my media great.  I also use TVersity on a separate PC for unsupported formats.  If money isn't a problem like you mention, use 15k rpm enterprise class SAS drives (one 450GB drive will run you about $ should have around 10) managed by an Areca, LSI, or Adaptec RAID controller for file storage.
If you want to share TV, you'll need a tuner...and it's not going to be fun to set it up so you can change channels with all your tvs at the same time.  Do some research for your particular application.
FYI: properly setting up blu-ray streaming may lead to anxiety attacks.
uaeabudhabi77Author Commented:
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