Citrix Single Sign On

Is there a way to have users login with SSO through the web interface without entering credentials at the standard sign on screen?
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LKaushalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But if your web Interface is configured for Passthrough (WI Box --> AMC --> Configured authentication method --> Selected 'Passthrough' only) then -- bascially, it will cache the credential you used to login into your workstation and send the pass the same credential while enumerating the application and launching the application.
You'll need the ica32 program. There you can configure the program with the credentials and then the program just needs to be launched -- credentials are stored inside the settings.
archstoneAuthor Commented:
Ok, figured how in the WI properties (duh), but how to by pass the drop down dialog box asking to login with Pass Thru? Thanks.
archstoneAuthor Commented:
tamaneria, thats not it. I have it working in my test farm - WI users get right in.

But prod farm has a drop down dialog box.
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