Cisco Pix 506e Multiple Subnets


I have recently been asked to look into a solution to allow multiple different subnets to connect to the internet through a Cisco Pix506e firewall. Currently the network is setup with the Cisco pix and a pair of Cisco switches. How would i go about this? Do i just need to add a static route on the router and the switches for any machines that are given a static ip address for the second subnet or am i better off changing the setup so that it has a much larger range?

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You are on the right track configure static routes for each subnet on each interface that hosts those subnets.  This tells the Pix where to return traffic destined for those subnets.  This does assume that you have the correct configuration on the Pix and Switches to satisfy the original subnet correctly.  Typically you would want to aggregate everything on the inside into a router or layer 3 switch first then have a single inside connection into the Pix.

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