Make it NULL by default

For some business reason i have to either avoid values updating a column in a table. I cannot controt the data import, all i am trying to do is make that column to null whatever value it has.. the column should always have null, so either i can avoid the incoming fileds or change it after feed.. so is there any way to do that?
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Atdhe NuhiuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could have a trigger on update that changes the value back to null whenever an attempted update takes place.
parpaaAuthor Commented:
is there anything else besides this?? this sounds good...
Atdhe NuhiuCommented:
I can't think of another sure way
Atdhe NuhiuCommented:
As you don't have control over the import, a before insert or update trigger is the way to go. Depending on your database, ensure it fires only on an update to that particular field.
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