Can't find STS_WPG

On my windows server 2003 I'm trying to check the permissions STS_WPG
on %WinDir%\Temp but the Group STS_WPG doesn't exist.
Is this correct or I got an error on my computer? I
If it is correct where can I see/change the permissions on the

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In the meantime, I found an article that might assist you- It looks like another person had the same issue as you're seeing:
Can you be a little more specific and tell me more about your setup? like your SharePoint version etc. Thanks.
narce100Author Commented:
I had to go out but as soon as I get back today I'll send you that information.

Thank You.
narce100Author Commented:
Thanks to the link I was able to resolve my problem (user rights) the solution was part of the link's oveall problem.
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