Cisco CSC-SSM module, how good is it?

Is it worth getting the CSC-SSM anti-x module for the ASA firewalls?

How is it compare to say just having McAfee on your workstation?

Any comment is welcome!
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yashinchaladConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its better than McAfee desktop AV. it provides security at peremeter level, and is a trend micro subscriptions.
As my friend told, it protects network at perimeter. No need to wait till some thins occurs at users level.

It provides protection at web level, by scanning websties, content blocking, URL filtering which is not possible by McAfee. SMTP scanning will have RBL check database.....POP3 also have same options, Trend micro provides security which updates regularly.

Only drawback is there will slight delay in traffic.
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