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Why does some of the text I have typed disappear when I capitalize a letter for a new word? Could it be that the logical drive doesn't have a paging file?

Fujitsu LifeBook S6240
WinXP Pro
Total Physical Memory 512 MB
Available Physical memory 92 MB, Available virtual memory 1.96 GB (with just IE open)

The amount of text that disappears sometimes when I capitalize a letter varies.  I can get the text back if I put the cursor where the text is first missing and right click and choose UNDO.  It happens in various applications.  It did not happen in the first year or so of using my computer.  It did happen in an earlier computer.  It does not happen if I type the capital letter slowly - I am a fairly fast typist.  It seems that the more text I have typed, the more frequently the problem occurs.

The laptop computer has one drive, but we divided it into logical drives.  C has the operating system and programs, another has files, another finance program data, another photos, another word processing and  spread sheet data, another internet files, etc.

In looking for a cause of my problem, I discovered that ONLY LOGICAL Drive C has a PAGING File.  Its initial size is 756 and its maximum 1512.  2990 is available.  Could I solve the problem by making paging files in the other drives?
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2 Solutions
Brian WithunCommented:
so if you were to type this sentence, and then go back and capitalize the 's' in the first word, what are you seeing disappear?
Does the "so if you were to type..." change into something like this: "Swere to type..." ?

Or are you seeing that letters are disappearing AS you type capital letters?
If so, the sentence above might end up looking like:
   "Or are you seeing that letters are disapS you type capital letters?"

Either way, I can't imaging the disappearance of text being related to your pagefile.  If you pagefile were having an invasive impact on applications I would expect your whole computer to be suffering, not just Word.

Can you clarify what exactly you are noticing?
Try changing fonts.  Pick a standard thing like Courier New, or Arial.
Does this happen regardless of the STYLE of your text?  Both with Normal, and Heading1, for instance?

Brian WithunCommented:
Also, after you see these characters disappear, try minimizing Word, and then restoring it.  Do the missing characters come back?  Page down so the text you just typed is "off screen" and then scroll back up to the spot.  Has any text re-appeared?

Do you have mulitple screens, or monitors in use at the time?  Is this happening on the "other" screen?  If so it could be your video card.
h2promeAuthor Commented:
I meant to say in my question that words disappear in various programs, MS Word, MS Works, and typing email.  I had a hard time picking the zone for my question, so put MS Word as a zone.  

I just typed a minute ago in MS Works using the font Verdana and putting extra capitals in for the test.  (I used various fonts, not usually Times New Roman, though).  
   I am doing a test of typing fast and Capitalizing Letters.  I need to know exactly Wh

After typing the capital W and the h, it changed instantly to:
    I am doing a test of typing fast and h

I might be hitting another key besides the Shift key and the letter I want to capitalize, when it happens.  Could that be a possibility?

I forgot to try paging down.

I do not have multiple screens or monitors.
Brian WithunCommented:
Do you regularly type in INS or OVR mode?  If you are in OVR, it could be you're hitting the LEFT ARROW key as you are reaching for SHIFT, and your cursor is quickly moving left by one character, and then the next character you type overwrites the previous character:

"I need to know exactly W[LEFT]hen the problem occurs"

If you typed that sequence of characters in OVR mode, it would come out like this:

"I need to know exactly hen the problem occurs"


I wonder what would happen if you copied a sentence with capital letters into your copy buffer and then repeatedly pasted it onto one of your ailing applications.

Would this Capital Letter Problem occur if the text were coming out of a copy buffer?

If so, that would eliminate the possibility of you having hit an erroneous key as you typed.

h2promeAuthor Commented:
I might have discovered the solution.  I apologize for not responding earlier, but haven't had much time to work on it.  I just typed a lot and the problem didn't occur.  The change I made several days ago was by right clicking My Computer/properties/advanced/Performance Settings.  In that window, I changed it to adjust for best performance.  

I don't know for sure That the Problem Is fixed.  I will award part of the points to myself, If I see how to do that and some points to bhwithun because he/she made a good effort.

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