SonicWall NSA 2400 Works, Can not Loginto X0(Lan) ? Why Not

I have a TZ170 up & running, Needing to replace that with a NSA 2400. Do do this I had two laptops plugged into each firewall and just went line by line to setup the NSA 2400.  I have a cisco 1721 router behind the 2400. the Lan on the cisco E0 is 10BT at full-duplex.  as with the TZ170 i manually changed the settings in the NSA to 10-FDX.
Everything works, e-mail, can reach the internet looks greats.  
I go to log into the NSA and it takes 5+ min. to log-in. once I do log in it times-out. I can plug my cable from my laptop directly to the NSA X0(Lan) change my subnet and bam. it's faster than you can blink.
What would casue this? & why? i've checked the duplex / network speed setting in my cisco config file? in setting up the NSA i've noticed were it has a check box for reflective rule? on the NAT policy & Netwrok interface. do I need to confige a reflective rule for the X0 lan side IP?
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Ugo MenaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It should be an access rule not a NAT policy....
From the Firewall interface, Access Rules, LAN to LAN, you should have an entry like this:

Source: Any      Dest: All X0 Management IP      Sevice: HTTPS Management

if you want to allow http then you also need:
Source: Any      Dest: All X0 Management IP      Sevice: HTTP Management
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