Windows Media Player does not detect Pocket Tunes / Treo

I've been syncing Pocket Tunes and Windows Media Player for years (literally!) with no problems, but now I have a problem.

Last week, I had to do some work for a vendor that entailed installing their software on my computer. That did screw up a bunch of things in my normal working environment, most of which I have fixed by uninstalling their software and everything it brought in. However, I may have uninstalled too much.

Note that the vendor also ran cc cleaner on my pc - something I would normally not let anyone do, but then - it's too late now!

What's happening now is that when I open WMP (vsn 11) on my pc and drag something into the sync pane, then connect my Treo 700p with PocketTunes vsn 4.0.5 open, WMP does not detect the device.

If I go into device manager, there is a yellow exclamation mark on the Palm device under Portable Devices.

I read this article:
specifically the section "Device not recognized after installing Windows Media Player 11" and I did what it said: uninstall the item in device manager and then let it reinstall with PnP. But the install fails with this error:

MTP Device: The specified service does not exist as an installed device.

This WAS all working fine in WMP 11 before the vendor's software installation and recovery.

Note that I had also had a problem (after the vendor software fiasco) where Hotsync would not sync with Outlook any longer. I did a "detect and repair" on Outlook and that solved the problem.

Also note that one of the programs I uninstalled while trying to cleanup was Silverlight - I didn't know what it was at the time. In my searches through forums, I see a tiein between WMP and Silverlight so I don't know if that is the problem or not?

So I thought that installing and reinstalling PocketTunes and WMP would do the trick. I uninstalled PocketTunes and reinstalled it. Then I also tried to uninstall WMP and reinstall it via Control Panel, Add/Remove programs > Windows Setup. I'm not sure that that really did uninstall/reinstall.

I still have the same problem.

Does anyone know what "MTP Device: The specified service does not exist as an installed device." this means? I've Googled it but haven't found the solution. How do I get "MTP Device" to be an installed device? OR, the real question: how do I get WMP 11 to again detect PocketTunes on my Treo?
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alicia1234Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I solved the problem. The trick was to uninstall and reinstall WMP 11. I thought I had done that through Add Remove Programs - Windows Setup by unchecking the box for WMP, then going in again and checking it. But that did not do it.

What I hadn't realized is that WMP 11 actuall shows up in the Add/Remove Programs list. So I removed "Windows Media Player 11" and "Windows Media Format Runtime 11". This rolled WMP back to vsn 10.

With vsn 10, WMP detected the Treo.

I then updated to WMP 11 (as I said, WMP 11 always worked fine before vendor's software had been installed). I updated through the WMP 10 Help menu - check for updates.

Then I opened WMP 11; connected my Treo to the USB port and opened Pocket Tunes on it. "Found New Hardware - MTP Device" popped up in the status bar. Stayed there a long time (a couple of minutes) with no real "install" windows coming up - but eventually I got a message that the device had been installed. I was told to reboot.  I did, and now it's all working correctly.

So: Obviously what happened is the MTP driver stuff got screwed up. Rolling WMP 11 back to vsn 10 and then upgrading to 11 again solved the problem.
I've had similar issues with devices not being detected.  In almost every case it is the driver.  Try reinstalling the software for the device.  If you remove the Treo software and reinstall and still have the issue, try using Revo Uninstaller to remove the Treo software -and remove any traces of it.  Then reboot and reinstall.  
alicia1234Author Commented:
Thanks. But at this point I don't know what the "software for the device" is!! What is "the Treo Software"?
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alicia1234Author Commented:
I have already reinstalled "Palm Desktop" and "Hotsync".
alicia1234Author Commented:
Note that HotSync works fine.
alicia1234Author Commented:
I'm not sure if it's even supposed to be an "MTP" Device? In new hardware wizard, I tried to have it install as "Palm OS Handheld Devices" but when I click "Next" nothing happens.

If I select "Portable Devices" then the only choice is MTP Device.

If I try "USB controllers" (a suggestion I read somewhere).

Found New Hardware wizard is saying it found "Pocket Tunes" - and then says it will help install software for MTP Device.

This is with Treo connected via USB and Pocke Tunes running on it.

In Device Manager, "Pocket Tunes" is listed under "Portable Devices" with a yellow exclamation mark.
alicia1234Author Commented:
I'm still struggling with this. Can anyone help me?

I have:
Uninstalled and reinstalled WMP 11
Uninstalled and reinstalled Pocket Tunes 4.0.5 - numerous times
Tried numerous suggestions I found on the web for the specific error (see my first post) - nothing has worked.

Try going into Device Manager and right clicking on the device with the yellow exclamation mark.  Click on Properties > Driver > Driver Details.  Take note of the driver(s), unplug the device and then rename the driver files that you saw to something else.  Then try reinstalling Pocket Tunes and connecting the device.
alicia1234Author Commented:
guagmire0: Already tried all that - several times.

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