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Massive packet loss playing game.

I live in canada and have been using dial up all my life.  I just got high speed from and im having massive packet loss playing eq.  The tech came back out and said my connection was great, so heres some data i collected!  I seem to be having a hard/long time connecting to anything sony based,,, etc.  I did a tracert to one of the eqlive servers and i also did a netstat -s -p tcp. heres the data!

TCP Statistics for IPv4

  Active Opens                        = 541
  Passive Opens                       = 23
  Failed Connection Attempts          = 10
  Reset Connections                   = 215
  Current Connections                 = 7
  Segments Received                   = 11039
  Segments Sent                       = 8381
  Segments Retransmitted              = 365

1 Solution
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

What are the bandwidth requirements for playing the game you are trying to play? For example, If you are playing MOHA online and the MOHA server says that you as a client should have atleast say 512Kbps connection, then any speed below than this would suffer from delays. Btw what is your connection speed? Also what other applications like any P2P or downloading software is running while you are playing games?
Most broadband connections will handle any online game. However, looking at Silo's packages it looks like some are very slow. I wouldn't even consider some of them broadband. Which package do you have from Silowireless. I was using DSL 768Kbs from our local phone company and was getting lots of lag playing online games. I switched to cable 6 Mbs and have had no problems even with three computers in the household playing online at the same time and streaming music.
As uetian1707 stated you also have to consider what else is using the internet while you are playing eq. P2P will KILL your bandwidth even though it looks like it's using very little.
If you are not using Silo's fastest package (1.5 Mbs) you may want to switch. Also, are there other providers in your area? You may have to switch to a faster service such as cable.
xplit871Author Commented:
i played on dial up before getting this just fine, just during intesive things my latency would go to around 250-300 on dial up.  It doesnt require a lot of bandwidth
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xplit871Author Commented:
no other providers in the area, i have the 1.5mb package
If I understand you correctly, you are saying that you did not have the problem when you were using dialup, but you started having the problem when you switched services. That would indicate a problem with your internet service. Since your service is a wireless variety, you could be getting intermittent drops in bandwidth, similar to the way you lose reception with a cell phone.
Another thing you can try is testing your bandwidth. Go to and run their internet speedtest. Make sure you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for.
It's also possible that the everquest servers are the problem and by coincidence the problem arose around the same time you switched services. There really is nothing you can do about that. Try going to everquest support / forums and see if other players are experiencing similar problems.
Another thing you can try is a gaming Network Interface Card. I don't know of any specific names offhand, and I can't attest to their performance because I've never tried them, but it may help in your situation.
I can't seem to find any specifications for what they use, but if I had to guess I'd say WiMax (it's the only wireless technology I know of for broadband). When you used dialup, you were communicating on a phone line, which will work regardless of your location. Electromagnetic waves are affected by hills and such, particularly at higher frequencies. Typical frequencies are 2.4 GHz and 5GHz (billion waves per second), which are very high frequency. If you live in a hilly area, it is highly likely that the problem lies in the wireless nature of your connection. Also, as a general rule, wireless communications are susceptible to interference from electromagnetic radiation. If you have a microwave, or use the television/radio frequently, that will affect the communications. I would highly advise you switch to a cabled connection, which would almost certainly fix your problem.

Have any of the solutions worked for you?
1.5mb should be more than enough to run quite a lot of instances of EQ. Is your connection synchronous or A-synchronous? Basically do you get 1.5mb upload as well as download or is your upload speed lower?

Latency and packet loss is more of a problem than bandwidth - games tend to have pretty low bandwidth requirements.

Other applications running could well be a problem when gaming, are you running any other software that would use bandwidth while attempting to play? Streaming radio, video (site like youtube) and p2p software would be my initial thoughts.

There is also the possibility of contention on your connection - ISPs don't generally have 1.5mb for you to use all by yourself, they work on the basis that not all users will max out their connections all the time and larger groups of users will share a pool of bandwidth - the way this works varies between different ISPs, different technologies used and the region you are in. If you are unlucky and have a few large p2p users sharing the same system as you they may be interfering with your traffic.

Have you contacted your ISP about this? If not you could try talking to their support and checking if they have any suggestions.

I doubt that a gaming network card would make any difference to you.

You could try using Pingplotter to test the connection (see it basically just gives you results of a pathping but presents them in a nice easy to understand way and may give you some useful information to talk about when contacting your ISP. You can also leave this running over a longer period, try running this over 24 hours (dont do a query every second - maybe on per minute) and checking if the time of day affects you.

Good luck getting this sorted, but I would guess that talking to your ISP would be best way forward if are unable to change provider.
Iain MacMillanIT ManagerCommented:
make sure the package from your ISP helps with your games, most offer packages for gamers, which means their gaming traffic gets priority.  Also when you moved from dial-up to broadband, i would assume they gave you a router to fit to your home PC, and that you are not using wireless for gaming.

Use a good Cat5e/6 LAN cable to connect your PC to the router, to get the fastest link possible to your device.  then verify that your 1.5Mb package speed is working as best as possible by doing speed tests during the day and late at night, to test the traffic load and contention (sharing) ratio of your neighbourhood.

this will give you an indication on how good your link is in real-life tests.  if you find your hitting 1Mb+ on the tests, you have a good link, any high latency issues, maybe caused by other factors, such as game server speed, ISP throttling etc......the causes can be numerous, and by trial and error, you can reduce the list.  Also make sure your router has the latest firmware, visit the manufacturer's website.
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