edge server cpnfiguration

i have an edger server in dmz
i have two nodes as mail servers
two servers cas/hub server under NLB

my mx record point to ;mail
my external owa address is : mail.domain.com

when i access my owa from external it shows page cannot be found

is there anything i am missing
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DTAHARLEVConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you give some more details as far as the firewall rules? Is a connection even established (i.e. when you telnet to port 443, are you getting a response or is it failing?)
mishalkAuthor Commented:
from external to internal port 25 is opened and 443 as well. in my firewall.  

is the edge server configured as a front-end server? if not, the default behavior is to redirect to the internal servers, which obviously won't work. for example, you have two servers: exchange1.corp and exchange2.corp; you also have firewall1.corp and dmz1.corp.

When someone connects to the firewall, he goes to dmz1.corp, and authenticates; then, dmz1 says, ok, the mailbox is on exchange1.corp, i'll redirect to there, and the user is redirected to exchange1.corp, which is obviously not reachable from the outside.
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mishalkAuthor Commented:
this is the front end server , and there is public ip which is confgured thought nating

do you see any packets dropping?
mishalkAuthor Commented:
hi , u were right, i was configured the port 443 in a wrong way
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