Need a SQL subquery to compile data

Posted on 2009-05-09
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Im very new to subqueries.
I have 2 queries that I need to combine.
I have a database with User Tables, Activity Tables, Activity Registration Tables,  and Activity Attempt Tables

  I need to find the Activity REgistrations for a given user and the Attempt info for each registration.

I have two separate queries that find the info,  but I need to combine them so I can return all the values in a single row (which makes actions on the row easier)

Right now I have a dtalist that returns the list of registrations with a button in a datalist.  Clicking the button calls the 2nd query to find the Attempt data for the selected activity. But that process requires too much user interaction.  My final result needs to be a hyperlink in the datalist that contains the attempt data for the activity.

//This query returns the user's list of Activities
SELECT     TOP (5) TBL_TMX_Activity.ActivityName, TBL_TMX_Activity.Activity_PK
FROM         TBL_TMX_Registration INNER JOIN
                      TBL_TMX_Activity ON TBL_TMX_Registration.ActivityFK = TBL_TMX_Activity.Activity_PK INNER JOIN
                      tblEmp INNER JOIN
                      iwc_Usr ON tblEmp.Emp_PK = iwc_Usr.Usr_EmpFK ON TBL_TMX_Registration.EmpFK = tblEmp.Emp_PK
WHERE     (iwc_Usr.Usr_Name = N'') AND (TBL_TMX_Registration.Status <> 4) AND (TBL_TMX_Activity.CBTLaunchMtdFK IS NOT NULL)
ORDER BY TBL_TMX_Registration.LstUpd DESC, TBL_TMX_Activity.Activity_PK DESC
//This query returns the Attempt data for the user's activity
SELECT     TBL_TMX_Attempt.Attempt_PK, TBL_TMX_ActCBT.PackageId
FROM         iwc_Usr INNER JOIN
                      tblEmp ON iwc_Usr.Usr_EmpFK = tblEmp.Emp_PK INNER JOIN
                      TBL_TMX_Activity INNER JOIN
                      TBL_TMX_Attempt ON TBL_TMX_Activity.Activity_PK = TBL_TMX_Attempt.ActivityFK INNER JOIN
                      TBL_TMX_ActCBT ON TBL_TMX_Attempt.ActivityFK = TBL_TMX_ActCBT.ActivityFK ON tblEmp.Emp_PK = TBL_TMX_Attempt.EmpFK
WHERE     (iwc_Usr.Usr_Name = N'') AND (TBL_TMX_Activity.Activity_PK = 6609)
//Can these two queries be combined into 1 that returns a list of activities and the attempt data for each activity?

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Question by:mattfox77
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Expert Comment

ID: 24345221
Try to include any common field in both the queries (if exists) and make a inner join with that field, which will produce the desired result.

If two queries have no related fields, then try it with Union query.
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Accepted Solution

Anthony Perkins earned 500 total points
ID: 24346015
Something like this perhaps:

FROM      TBL_TMX_Registration r
            INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_Activity a ON r.ActivityFK = a.Activity_PK
            INNER JOIN tblEmp e ON r.EmpFK = e.Emp_PK
            INNER JOIN iwc_Usr u ON e.Emp_PK = u.Usr_EmpFK
        INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_Attempt t ON a.Activity_PK = t.ActivityFK And e.Emp_PK = t.EmpFK
            INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_ActCBT c ON t.ActivityFK = c.ActivityFK
WHERE      u.Usr_Name = N''
            AND e.Status <> 4
            AND a.CBTLaunchMtdFK IS NOT NULL
            r.LstUpd DESC,
            a.Activity_PK DESC
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Assisted Solution

by:Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins earned 500 total points
ID: 24346034
On second thoughts this might be more accurate:

SELECT      ra.ActivityName,
FROM      (Select      TOP 5
            From      TBL_TMX_Registration r
                        INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_Activity a ON r.ActivityFK = a.Activity_PK
            Where      a.CBTLaunchMtdFK IS NOT NULL
            ORDER BY
                        r.LstUpd DESC,
                        a.Activity_PK DESC) ra
            INNER JOIN tblEmp e ON ra.EmpFK = e.Emp_PK
            INNER JOIN iwc_Usr u ON e.Emp_PK = u.Usr_EmpFK
        INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_Attempt t ON a.Activity_PK = t.ActivityFK And e.Emp_PK = t.EmpFK
            INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_ActCBT c ON t.ActivityFK = c.ActivityFK
WHERE      u.Usr_Name = N''
            AND e.Status <> 4
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Author Comment

ID: 24350718

Thanks for the input.  I tried your second post first,  but got errors.  I couldn't really understand the second post so I used your first post to create this query,  which worked.

Does it look accurate,  or is there something Im missing that could cause false results?
On My test  DB seems to be working fine...

select top 5 a.ActivityName, a.activity_pk, t.attempt_PK, c.PackageID
TBL_TMX_Activity a INNER JOIN TBL_TMX_Registration r on a.Activity_PK = r.ActivityFK
inner join tblEmp e on e.Emp_PK = r.EmpFK
inner join iwc_Usr u on u.Usr_EmpFK = e.Emp_PK
inner join TBL_TMX_Attempt t on t.ActivityFK = a.Activity_PK and t.EMpFK = e.Emp_PK
inner join TBL_TMX_ActCBT c on c.ActivityFK = t.ActivityFK
Where u.Usr_Name = N''
and r.Status <> 4
and a.CBTLaunchMtdFK is not null
order by r.LstUpd DESC, a.Activity_PK DESC

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Expert Comment

by:Anthony Perkins
ID: 24351024
My concern was that you would only get 5 rows of data.  It sounded like you wanted all the activity for the first 5 rows of data.  But if that works for yoy, great!

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31579818
Providing 2 approaches really nailed it and saved frustration in applying and debugging. Thanks!

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