RPC over HTTP with ASA and Exchange 2007

Ok, here is a weird one...I got an exchange 2007 server that I would like to do RPC over HTTP...I have enabled the service and given the external hostname to the but it doesnt seem to like it over the ASA...am I messing up the proxy settings in the Outlook http part? right next to the box it works fine but it resolves to the servers original name
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have it going through an ASA on two or three sites. Just open port 443 and off it goes.

Try a test on the Microsoft test site using a test account:

See whether that flags anything of interest.

kf4apeAuthor Commented:
and when I try to connect I get countless prompts for authentication
kf4apeAuthor Commented:
Got this
The certificate chain has errors, Chain status = PartialChain  
its a GoDaddy cert and I loaded all the intermeadietes
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kf4apeAuthor Commented:
dug around godaddys site and found some some more intermeadites

now I get this

RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE error (0x6ba) was thrown by the RPC Runtime
Kindly tell me what is the version of Windows on which you have installed your Exchange 2007?
If in case it is Windows 2008, have a look on below article:
kf4apeAuthor Commented:
the issue was later found that the rpcproxy reg hack kept resetting after 15 min...once I disabled that it was perfect
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