Cannot copy a file across the network

I have two windows 2000 servers that will not copy a file from a network share. I type in


And the share comes up immediatly. Sometimes it hesitates if Imtry to browse the folder. when I try to dopy a file to the local machine from the network share(or FTP site) I get this error message:

cannot copy the file, the network share is no longer available
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jimmylew52Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the input.

The solution was to run     nbtstst -RR from the command line, clearing the netbios cache. I am not sure why it worked but it did.
Assuming the network availability is reliable and share permissions are correct this should not be a problem.  I would suggest mapping the share as a network drive to se if this problem still exists.
jimmylew52Author Commented:
Share will not map, same error. I do not have a problem with any other servers accessing the share.
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Check from cmd your shares on that pc that you have issues with and delete it  (net share K: / delete) !
Check also the share rights and the ntfs rights on your shared folder

Now i can't think of anything else ;) Hope that helps !
Try mapping the share using the server ip address in place of the server name.
My WINS server wasn't configured. Flashing WINS records resolved my issue too.
Thanks !!!
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