Problem with Paste Options button in MS Word 2007

I did this:
   1.  On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Edit tab.
   2. Select or clear the Show Paste Options buttons check box.
as in the attached screenshot.

However, the button has never shown. I see that all the choices which I set for "Pasting within the same document", "Pasting between documents", ... are applied automatically as they are set in MS Word's Options page. There is no Paste options button when I try to paste some text in the document.

How to solve this problem? I badly need the Paste Options button.

Thank you very much.
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Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

See the attached screenshot.
If this is what you are referring to, please remember that:
1. A Paste Options "Pop up" appears *First* (not the "buttons).
2. The popup appears *After* you paste something.
3. AFAIK, the pop up will only display if you have something "Special" to paste.
ex: Custom Style, Non-standard formatting, HTML, rtf, ...ect.
For example, if you simply copy and paste plain ASCII text, the Popup will not appear.

free4vnAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I forgot to attach file.

Hi free4vn
why not use the insert key as an alternative? you can use that from the same panel,
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free4vnAuthor Commented:
Ctr-C and Ctr-V is better (quicker). Moreover, I use the Insert key for switching to overwrite mode.

In addition, Insert key also does not make the Paste Options button appear.
I noticed that your settings vary from the default when "Pasting from other programs:"
yours is listed as "Keep Text Only" vs. the default "Keep Source Formatting" try changing that back and see if that helps.

I would agree with free4vn also that using Ctr-C (to copy) and Ctr-V (to paste) make things quicker.
you can also use Ctr-X to cut .
How about just right clicking the mouse where you want to paste?  Do the Paste Options show up then?
free4vnAuthor Commented:
@dennisdeweerdt: all to default, but it does not help :(

@liguru: No.
I noticed someone with the same problem on another tech site that had the case closed. Perhaps the answer at the bottom of the page worked for them. giving credit where it is due, here is the link;
free4vnAuthor Commented:
It is not same. The clipboard in my computer is working. I can copy-paste as much as I want at anytime. It is just in Word, Paste Options button does not show up so that I can choose "Keep source formatting", "Match destination formatting" and "Keep text only".

I used the Office CD to Repair the Office two times. The problem is still there.
I use MS Office 2003 and have the same problem reported by free4vn.
However I tried liguru' suggestion:
"How about just right clicking the mouse where you want to paste?  Do the Paste Options show up then?" and yes the Paste Options button shows up. How can I have it show up as well when I use just Ctrl+V ?
By the way, I could not check dennisdeweerdt suggested link. McAfee SiteAdvisor advised not to go there ;-).
Thanks in advance for your help.
This looks like a menu customization issue.  I don't have Word2007, but I've added buttons to prior versions of Word for common used functions that were not represented on the toolbar.  

Your screenshot didn't attach.
Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
If all else fails, you could try the troubleshooting steps found here:

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Sorry, here it is:

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