SQL backup to remote Server using symantec Exec 12.5

I have two 2003 standard servers with  sql 2005 standard on both.
one live called "datab" with symantec exec 12.5 and the sql agent and tape drive.
The other Backup server called "reserveSQL" has no tape and no Exec software.
I have a standard exec remote agent licence spare. (not sql)
Lets suppose the "datab" SQL server is dead and all I have is the tapes.
I have another server called "staff server" with exec 12.5 on it with the same tape drive that can read the tapes made by "datab" server.
The idea being that this "staff" server can somehow restore the databases to the "reserveSQL" server over the network (same domain, same subnet).
Can this be done ?
Would I need another SQL agent license to go on either the "reservesql" or "staff" server ?


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Iamthecreator OMCommented:
Well you just need to install the remote agent and restore to the other (RESERVE) SQL  server at any time. Even when the one in production is still up.
The reason you would need the remote agent is that is uses the SQLVDI.DLL that allows backups and restores
there is no special SQL agent its the RAWS that you install on all windows servers to back up various resources.
The license once entered allows you to view the specific resources so that they can be backed up.
Eugene ZCommented:
.."Somehow" without licenses just as files : see below:

if you do not have $$ for agent licenses
you can backup sql servers (from sql server) to backup server as bak files then to tape  
and in this case you can restore the sql backups in any DR scenario on drive and restore the db backups  to  sql server via sql server restore functionalities  (e,g from SSMS, t-sql)

also in case - there is not much space on server drive : you can have compressed (fast too)  sql backup via 3rd party SW backup Idera:sqlsafe; Quest: SQLLiteSpeed,  etc

harveygsAuthor Commented:
I could get another sql agent if it would help with restoring accross the network.
Is this the sort of thing an sql agent can do?

Or yes could schedule a db.bak file and put that on tape, then copy paste to backup server. snd re-atach , import whatever.

Whats the easiest ?
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WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
What is to stop you transferring the remote agent licence from the 'dead' server to the reserve server before restoring the database? There is no licensing or cost implications only a slight delay putting the licence on there.
harveygsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for comments so far.
I think it would be easier to get the sql agent and put the remote agent on the backup server.
Wadski.. Does the licence get authenticated by Symantec otherwise i only want to use the one licence at a time, will it come up and say licence already used ?

Iamthecreator OMCommented:
you can put a license on a remote server
just need to install the remote agent
Iamthecreator OMCommented:
Eugene ZCommented:
still I would recommend to use sql server  backup to backup folder then to tape instead of BE sql server backup:

During DR you will need minimum SW to get your sql server running, etc..
And easier to do database administration... however, it is up to your business requirements
harveygsAuthor Commented:
OK finalised on this :-
backup server (reserve SQL) has a basic agent on it .
Production server "datab" with Exec and SQL agent.
"Staff " server has only the Exec on it.
When tape inserted to "staff " server it seems to switch on the SQL options. It happily sent accross the test database  to the backup "reservesql" server with security etc.
So answer is I dont need any other agent licences.
But I will also use the .bak option as . Belt and braces as the saying goes !
Now  to the points....

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