DisplayTag or Struts-Layout - want editable tables


I need to you use something like DisplayTag but I need the tables to be editable.
StrutsLayout looks like what I need but according to many people on the web Struts-Layout does not work with Struts 2

Is there anything similar?
Can someone send me on links to tutorials or sample JSP code?


I have a list for these Review Objects. I want somone way of listing these Review Objects in a editable table?
I am using Struts 2/Tiles 2.
Have been looking at displayTag. I have the List<Reviews> displaying with displayTag but want to edit the approved and review fields.
The changes must persisit back to the Review object

Im not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

public class Review{  
     int reviewID ; 
     int approved;  
     String review;  
     ....//getters and setters  
The  jsp is
  .     <s:form method="post" action="save.action" validate="true">  
           <display:table name="${requestScope.reviewList}" requestURI="" defaultsort="1" id="review">  
               <display:column property="reviewID" title="Review" sortable="true"/>  
              <display:column property="approved" title="Approved" sortable="true">  
               <display:column property="review" title="Review" sortable="true">  
  .             <display:column title="View Post"><a >Edit</a></display:column> <%-- Can I do something here to populate a <s:textarea> --%>  

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mrjoltcolaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think plain displaytag is what you want, if you want editing.

The displaytag project appears to be pretty much inactive for the past few years as people have moved to other libraries like Prototype, Dojo and ExtJS. I would recommend you look at one of those for better grids if you are going the "AJAX" route. We have deprecated displaytag in our projects and now use Ext, though it is a bit heavyweight.

If you want to stick with displaytag, there are AJAX enablers for it.

Look at AjaxTags or ajaxanywhere.

However, I would encourage you to look elsewhere, there are way more options nowadays, displaytag just isn't compelling enough anymore, though it is simple and clean, it just hasn't moved forward much in ages.
Murali MurugesanFull stack Java developerCommented:

in addition to @mrjoltcola comments , here is an already running post on this Display tag,


i have made comments and suggested an work around which is NOT a proven one, but you can give a try.

MBUNITEDAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot. I have seen EXT JS in the  past. I have heard of DOJO. Never heard of prototype. I will look into these. Thanks
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