How can i run a j2me midlet in the background ?

Hi, i am implementing a sip server, thus i need the server to listen to the incoming requests !!!
so how can I keep an application (midlet) running once its installed on a mobile phone ?!!

Thanks in Advance ....
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May I ask you what kind of mobile phone do you mean?? do you mean All mobile phones, blackberry devices Windows Mobile ........ ?
tefazAuthor Commented:
I was asking in general, but i am currently working on nokia (N95)  ............
tefazAuthor Commented:
i can now run my application in the background simply by call
" myDisplay.setCurrent(null)
in the pauseApp() method or any where else (ex: you can create a command then call it "Hide") .... and when u try to open it again, it will automatically set the last Displayable object, that was set before calling NULL, as your current display ...

((Tested on S60 3rd Edition Emulator and on N95))

Thanxx hb77 for guiding me :) .......
You're welcome
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