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I manage 4 Citrix servers in a farm.  Currently, whenever an application that a user is running crashes, they do not see an application error dialog, but when an administrators logs on, they get all of the dialog popups for all of the previous errors, that have not been cleared by other administrators.

I used to know how to stop the administrators from seeing these popups, but I can't remember, and no matter what combination of words I use in Google, I cant find the answer.

Does someone know how to turn these off?

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Daniel BorgerConnect With a Mentor Senior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
I think you can get rid of those if the box is unchecked as in the picture.
Terry-CrossinAuthor Commented:
Thanks dborger,

That was exactly what I'm looking for.  All of my servers had "Force Queue mode" enabled.

Top marks :-)

Terry-CrossinAuthor Commented:
Note:  I have actually turned off error reporting for applications on the Citrix servers as testing showed the users would see the error popup after a program crashed.

For reference, this is found under 'System Properties --> Advanced --> Error Reporting'

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