printing problem in Citrix when opening more than one Citrix applications

When opening a published application, say MS Excel, and test printing from Excel, it works ok. but after i open a second application, and try again to print from Excel, it will give me error msg "current printer is unavailable. Select another printer". after that it won't let me print from Excel even after i closed the other application. i have to completely log off and log back in again to fix it.
- Not all application opened after the Excel, causing this issue. i notice that MS Visio causes problem, but not MS Word and Powerpoint.
- issue seems to happen only if Excel and the secondly opened application are hosted on the same presentation server.
Looks like it's related to the session ID generated, but not sure how to troubleshoot that.
Any idea?
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JaredJ1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It might be worth ensuring that Session Sharing is enabled. It normally is by default but if your published applications don't have the same settings then it won't work and a new session will be created. Check all of the settings of the published apps and make them consistent, i.e. colour depth, screen resolution, sound, access control filters etc. Once they are all the same you should get connected to the same session that you already have (providing that your load balancing isn't kicking in and redirecting you to a different server altogether....not sure how many servers are in your farm so this may not be relevant)
To make use of Session Sharing you must be using Seamless Windows in your connection from the client to the farm BTW.  This is an excellent troubleshooting step though.  I am actually seeing this in two of my farms, one is PS4.5 on W2K3 and the other is a mix of XA5.0 and PS4.5.  I can reproduce it some of the time by disconnecting the session, reconnecting, and then trying to print.  Another user is reporting nearly exactly as above: an MS Access based application plus a VB based application can cause the printer mapping to break.  As I get more info on our side I will post it here.  I am going to test this with a bunch of different variables (one app then the second, the second and then the first, etc).  
william_pAuthor Commented:
thanks JaredJ1, your suggestion was actually a good start. thought i couldn't see any differences in the setting of the 2 published apps, i ended up duplicating the first app and modify it to be a second app, now being sure that they are identical. and since then they share the same session and problem gone.
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