Disable ''Automatically search for network folders and printers'' in Win XP Proffesional

   I need to uncheck the option ''Automatically search for network folders and printers'' (Tools > Folder Options > View) in Win XP Proffesional for all users. I've made some tests and saw that i must enter on every user and uncheck this option. How can i do this in just one opperation? Is there a script or a registry key setting?
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NikConnect With a Mentor Systems SpecialistCommented:
To change the registry key to disable automatic search for network printers and folders , follow these steps:
Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.
Locate the following registry subkey:
Right-click System, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
Type NoNetCrawling, and then press ENTER.
Double-click NoNetCrawling.
In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.
Close Registry Editor.

You can apply this key via Group Policy or Logon Script.

Cristi_EAuthor Commented:
As far as i can see this setting takes effect only on the current user. I need to affect oll the users defined in windows.
Wondering how many users you have ... note here that this functionality is disabled if more than 32 computers with shared resources are detected on your network, if you are joined to a domain, if you are using a dial-up or a VPN connection, or if an administrator has disabled the functionality by using Group Policy.

"How to disable automatic search for network printers and folders in XP":
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NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Yes, but if you do it via group policy or logon script, these settings will apply to all users who log on the specified computer.
If you are in an Active Directory (AD) environment then I would concur that Group Policy would be the way to go. If not using AD Domain then you could try GPedit.msc for each computer's local policy or try the registry entry in HKEY_Local_Machine instead of Current_User hive.

Cristi_EAuthor Commented:
Can you help me with group policy and logon script? I'm not very familiar with these.
NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Will do the procedure once I get home from work.
KromptonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way is
Create a simple batch file (i.e. NoNetCrawl.bat) containing the command:
Regedit /S \\YourDomainName\Netlogon\NoNetCrawl.reg

In the Netlogon share for your domain create the file "NoNetCrawl.reg" using NotePad.exe:


Then assign NoNetCrawl.bat as a logon script through Group Policy.

Perhaps nimatejic may offer another way as I'm sure there are several.

Let us know what you need.

NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
I do agree with Krompton's way. If you'll have problems, please let us know.

Cristi_EAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot!
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