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Corrupt SD Memory Card


I've just got back from Holiday in Vietnam where i took a mixture of videos and pictures, around 550 in total, using an SD memory card.

When i got home i used a USB memory card reader and could view all the pictures, which were in three sperate folders.  However when i was copying one of the folders to my computer, my computer crashed.  When it started up again i could no longer open one of the folders, and so loosing around 200 pictures!

Two of the three folders are fine but the middle one is broken.  I've tried using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data recovery, which see's the three folders but thinks the middle one is just empty

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the pictures/videos back as i'd be devistated to loose so many pictures


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Try some software specific to photo recovery: take a look at BadCopy Pro (http://www.jufsoft.com/badcopy/) and PhotoRescue (www.datarescue.com - for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X). Each of these can deal with corrupted graphics files, and help repair the damaged files. I've had my best success with PhotoRescue, although sometimes images can be fixed in one of these and not the other. They are also both designed to work with various card-type media.


Are you using a Sony Memory Stick?
WolfAuthor Commented:
No, i'm using a 16GB SDHC Card

Neither of those programs work.  It only picks up the pictures that are fine on the card.

The folder that seems to be corrupt is about 5GB so there is definatly data there

Any other suggestions?
Who made the memory card? I have had good success with Sandisk, they were able to recover and replace a memory card that had gone bad on me once.
WolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys but i've sent the card off to a company to have hte data recovered.  It's cost nearly £100 but at least i have the pictures back!
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