Customized PageSetup in

How can I create Customized Page Setup in 2008?

Thanx in advance

Vasnth U

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MuralidharanpAuthor Commented:
Hi Deathrace

I got solution. please kindly refer the article given in the startvbdotnet site.

anyway thanks to you

Muralidharan P
Can u elaborate your question, what exactly you are trying for.. ?
MuralidharanpAuthor Commented:
hello Deathrace,
          thanks for your reply...

          instead of writing the "To Address" on envelopes, i am going to take printouts and paste it to the covers.
         i am using windows application.   i want to take printout of the addresses from database i will set labels to place the addresses. depends on the page size i want to set the number of labels in one sheet. the horizontal pitch, width, vertical pitch, margin of labels are also to be done before taking the printout.
please give me solution for this...

thanks in advance.
Cool stuff,

Go for Crystal Reports, its easy you can design your envelope their and provide database connections to get records from DB,

to know more about Crystal Reports ( with samples and example)

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