del dimension 9150 will not boot up

When i try and start my computer, its just goes in a loop.

It keeps bringing up the window with the following options.

safe mode
safe mode with networking

last know good config
start windows normally.

when i try any of these options it just loops back to the same screen. i think it is a hardware problem.
just before the screen re-starts a blue screen appears for a split second.
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gilgetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you gona format, first use fdisk to erase partitions and rewrite them.

On that screen there will be an option - disable auto restart on system failure. Pick this and post back with the stop error shown on the blue screen. If this item isn't shown, tap F8 as it boots, you will then get this option.

Chris B
It could be hardware or a Windows driver.  To determine which, boot with a Knoppix CD and see if it has problems - if it doesn't, it's a software problem.
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If you can't boot into Safe Mode and it gives a blue screen most likely it's a hardware issue. Have you installed any hardware? If so remove it and see if that fixes the problem.
aneilgAuthor Commented:
I've just run a hardware test & it looks like my second hard drive is faulty.

Do you think i would need a new hard drive or would a complete format be just as good.
Whatever caused it to fail may be a problem waiting to happen again.  Format it to see if that solves the problem, but keep an eye on it - if it fails again, I would replace the drive.
Have you check to see if the hard drive is bad by doing tests?
If you know your hard drive manufacturer, you can try downloading a utility. You can also try using the UBCD. Here's the link:
If it's a bad second hard drive, just disconnect it and see if the PC boots normally with only the system drive.

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