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Emails being permanently deleted from Mailbox in Outlook with Exchange.  There are no rules for this user.

bilbo-uk asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-06
Came in today and all messsages gone from Inbox.  If you send a test message then it appears in Inbox then disappears.  Not in deleted item but shows up in Recover Deleted Items.  Ran Outlook /cleanrules plus outlook /cleanserverrules.  No Phone, IMAP or Pop3 access to that Inbox.  One user had access to the mailbox but no rules setup for that user and have removed that person from being able to view.  

Not isolated to the machine because if close Outlook on that machine and do it from server or OWA the same problem remains.

After updating and rebooting the Exchange server the problem appeared to be resolved as messages were not being deleted after doing a send/receive.  Later on though problem returned.  

Is there any way to trace how these are being permanently deleted or to resolve the issue.  Is there a way to display all rules setup for any user on the server for example.

Outlook is 2003 and Exchange is 2003 Standard

Please help
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Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange Architect

Do you see the message coming in outlook and then disappearing?

Use exchange tracking to see what exactly is happening with the message, whether it reaches the mailbox or not.


It reaches the mailbox - you see it there - then seconds later it is gone - hence why you can see it in Recover Deleted Items - gets to users mailbox then is permanently deleted so not a views or filter problem.  Very peculiar
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange Architect

Any AV on the client scanning email traffic? Is it for only one user?

Does it follow to a different machine?


Have put in earlier that it is not isolated to one machine.  As far as I know only affecting one user.  Temporarily I have put a forward to another email account until can resolve why messages getting deleted
Does this user use a pst?
Check whether the email is being delivered to the Mailbox or to a Personal Folder....
Click  on Tools.....Email Accounts...Change....and you should see "Deliver New Email to the Following Location"
Whats mentioned here?.....Is it set to "Personal Folders" or "Mailbox"
If it is set to "Personal Folders" then change it to "Mailbox" and now check what happens.
I have seen the same issue happening because of mail being delivered to pst and the pst being corrupt causing this issue.


Have checked - mail delivery is set to Mailbox not a PST file.  Had it so that messages were not deleting on the server then as soon as mail opened up on client machine the messages started disappearing again


Is this profile in Cached Exchange Mode?
If yes then try to set it to non cached mode and check


non cached exchange mode
What about a new Outlook profile for this user?.....Does it also exhibit the same behaviour?
So now the email resides on the server if Outlook remains closed?
Its only when Outlook is open that these emails disappear?


New profile has been created
Have run combofix and removed the antivirus software and problem remains
It's a very odd problem
Very strange.....
I have a feeling that the mailbox itself has gone corrupt for this user...and you may need to export psts of all existing emails and create  a new mailbox and import psts
This one is on us!
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