how to set Auto-reply for a public mailbox in Exchange 2007

Hello Experts
Just wondering if someone can please me with how to set an auto reply when any mails is sent to a public
folder mailbox?
For example: i have this folder in public folder(exchange) call suggestions.
I cant figure how to set auto response when any mails is received to
this public folder mailbox, i want it to automatically respond a message to the sender?

what ive tried is as following,
-went to public folder
-right click on suggestion folder and select properties
-click on administration tab
-click on folder assistant
-add rule
-as per some searching i left everything blank except check on Reply with and created a template
-a new email type pop up and in body i entered what i wanted to auto responded to all
-saved template as a .otf
-then when i try to click ok in edit rule properties i get the following error message and cant move on
-Changes to this rule cannot be saved.

what am i doing wrong, i feel like in close by still need your assistance
thanks in advance
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FearNoMoreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Give your self Send As permissions for this PF
Check this link also:
Are you the owner of this public folder?
You must be an owner of the public folder to be able to edit the rule  
eazstreamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you quick reply, im the network admin and have full rights to exchange. and owner of folder as well
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