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We are running Groupwise 7.0.1 on SLES 10 SP2 with clients 6.5, 7.0.1, and 7.0.3. Here is the problem we are having. User A sends and appointment to user B. They both accept. If user A retracts the appointment and puts comments in the comment box no one gets those comments. I have tried deleting the appointment from the Calendar and the Sent Items folder. Neither works. Has anyone run into this before?
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steveoskhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
True, if the originator of the appointment cancelled the appointment, the comments are no longer relevant.  I did not read it carefully, and thought it was comments from one of the invitees.
Are you sure the comment is not showing in the properties of the appointment?   Only the originator will be able to see them, but they should be there.  This has worked this way in prior versions as well.
shuser2009Author Commented:
When the appointment is deleted it disappears from all calendars so I'm not sure where I would look in for the properties. But when you delete and put in comments I though it used to send those comments to the other people who were invited to the appointment.
ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When the sender of the appointment retracts it by going into their Sent Items folder and pressing delete, they should be prompted for "My Mailbox", "Recipient Mailboxes", or "All Mailboxes".  The sender should not choose "All Mailboxes" or the item will be deleted and they will have no item to check retraction stats nor the retraction message.

Steveoskh is correct in saying the comment will show up in the properties of the sent appointment.  However, if the "All Mailboxes" was chosen as part of the delete there will be nothing to look at.

Invitees to the appointment have the ability to provide a comment during accept if they choose the Accept with Comment or by default if they Decline.  Either way, these comments go back to the Sent Item where these status messages update the original sent item.  This process is what sets GroupWise apart from all other email systems and makes it much, much better, IMO.  In order to get this in Outlook, the sender has to ask for a return receipt that the invitee can veto.

Also, these status messages are not new emails, although the sender can adjust the send options of a message about to be sent to ask for a return receipt email.  The status updates are small messages that travel through the GroupWise system in the wpcsin\5 or wpcsout\ofs\5 directories.  They are created automatically and they update everything is up to the Sender to check their Sent Items folder when they want to see what's up with a Sent message/appt., etc.

Hope that helps explain the process.

shuser2009Author Commented:
Thanks guys! I understand it better now.
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