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I'm using tabs to display forms and on some forms I'm using tabs to manage the layout of the form. However, when I need to add a new master tab, the tabs from the forms are displaying in the new tab. None of the other form information or controls are doing this; just the tabs.
Any help would be appreciated.
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NrmcTechAuthor Commented:
I appreciate all the responses.
I believe I found a solution to my problem. It's more a workaround.
1. I created a new form with tab controls and the necessary fields. I also included my customerID field in the form.
2. I then added the form into my main form as a subform. By disabling navigation and scroll bars the forms are integrated nicely.

It was necessary to use this design approach because some of workstations that will use the database have small screens and I'm trying to minimize the amount of scrolling necessary to view and edit information.

My next challenge is to create a lookup feature that will allow a user to search for a customer by typing their last name. I have commercial and non-commercial customers in the same customer table, which means lookup will have to be by last name or company name.

Any help will be appreciated.


"the tabs from the forms are displaying in the new tab"
Im not quite clear on what you mean.  Can you please clarify?
What version of access?
NrmcTechAuthor Commented:
I'm using access 2007.
For my customer form, I'm using tabs so one can navigate from customer information to order information, call logs, etc.
On my customer record form, I'm also using tabs within the form for address, and contact information.

when I try to go to the order information tab, my address and contact information tabs from my customer information form are being displayed  there.
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I've tried insterting a tabbed control inside another tabbed control,access does not seem to want to let us do this!  They both go on the details section of the form.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

It seems like you dropped the fields on the "Form" and not the specific page.
When you drag fields onto a tabbed cotrol, make sure the tab area turns "Dark Grey".
This is how you are "sure" you are on the "Tab".
If the tab is not grey, then (Despite appearances), you ARE NOT on the tab, you are on the Form.

Check out this simple video as a demonstration of first, the wrong way, then the correct way.
(Watch the video Full screen.  There is no sound because it is self explanatory)

Hmm... I tried it putting a tabed control into a tabbed control.  This does not work.  Putting a button worked, putting a text box worked, another tab-control did not.

Have you tested boag2000?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Oh, sorry, I just saw the word "Control".

You cannot put a tabbed control inside another Tabbed control in Access.

You will have to put you new tabbed control on a new form, and then insert this fnew form in the original tabbed form.

FWIW, I have never seen this type of interface in any Access database, and it will be very confusing to work with if you have to refer to controls one any of these linked, nested objects.

Are you sure this is the best design approach?


Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Point 1:
<I believe I found a solution to my problem.>
<1. I created a new form with tab controls and the necessary fields. I also included my customerID field in the form.
2. I then added the form into my main form as a subform.>

AFAICT, that sounds like what I suggested.

Point 2:
<My next challenge is...>
You are only allowed 1 question ("challenge") per post.
This will need to be a new question.



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