Slow exchange server 2000

Recently we have been hammered with Spam.  The que has been reaching 45,000 e-mails
we have made changes to our GFI mail/spam filter and the que has quieted down much.

My question is internal e-mail was effected.  to the point where it would take over an hour if not more to deliver mail from one desk to another. anythiung I can do to speed up internal e-mail while we are under attack from spam.

Also I just downloaded a solarwinds que monitor and it doesn't show anything in the incomming que but yet I can check and see mail at any given time.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you identify how the email got on to the server? You should not expect Exchange to have to cope with that large amount of spam email on its own. Granted, Exchange 2000 is unable to cope with some basic attacks without assistance. It cannot cope with an NDR attack for example and needs something else to do recipient filtering. For Exchange 2000 I usually suggest Vamsoft ORF as it is cheap and can be installed on the Exchange server.

If you can filter out non existent users then that will deal with a lot of the problem.

Deal with the spam problem first, because your Exchange server is being abused. You do not have to simply ride it out because a spammer will continue to abuse the server.


You can use an Postfix as AntiSPAM gateway.
The postfix will get all the e-mail from internet and do the filtering. The Exchange will receive only the "legitimate" +10% e-mail, and will send the e-mail to internet.
So you can't be open relay and your server is working better.
The - is that you need one more server (office workstation is OK for that)

codeyelloAuthor Commented:
We use GFI mail essentials 14.  it seems to be working better now but then again we made a ton of changes and upgraded to a newer version.

Every lets say 6 months. we have to adjust our spam filters because we will just get hammered one day. I mean one day we will get 10k messages for the whole day the next we will get 400k if not more

Where I used to work we had postfix The one feature I did like was email tracking, if i'm correct you can track e-mail that come in and when they were delivered or not and know why they weren't delivered like wrong e-mail address.  How much is postfix?

Anyone know why the solarwinds exchange monitor doesn't see my incoming que?

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
GFI ME doesn't do recipient filtering, which is a real negative for the product. If you had recipient filtering enabled you could probably drop a significant number of those messages as it sounds like it is a directory harvest.

I haven't used the Solarwinds tool, although I am aware of it, as they haven't got one for Exchange 2007.

dan_blagutConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If not you can also try in evaluation Bitdefender. When I tested this tool it worked greath (on Exchange 2003), now it is disponible for Exchange 2007 also.

purpleoakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a range of ways of stopping spam with some ways being better than others;

Software based Solution

This is where you install an application on a PC or Server that scans the messages.
None over other solutions
The software consumes resources such as CPU and Memory and Hard Disk Capacity so your PC or servers run inefficiently.
You may get hit by a DOS or DDOS attack and your server has to handle the load.
The spam and virus are downloaded thus consume your bandwidth.
Scanning is done on the Server inside you network.  This is obviously inviting trouble into your network past your firewall unnecessarily.
The software is not future proof (A good example of this is Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007, a lot of people will be finding their old software is not 64 bit compatible which Exchange 2007 insists on and the Software houses charge to upgrade!)
Many software based products integrate themselves so much that in the un-install guide it suggests flattening the Server and reinstalling the Operating System so this means you cant change providers easily.
Training and Updating  To install the software correctly you firstly need to understand how to use it, this represents a cost in time.
The products also need constant updating and tweaking to make them work well, again, this represents a cost in time.
Backups  There are a few problems with this, you only have email as far back as your last backup (EG Server fails at 4:30PM then you lose the best part of a days email) and someone has to remember to conduct the backup and check it worked which is more time and more money.  The other problem is that email stores are normally very large so off site solutions are either not possible or you need to spend more money on a decent backup solution.
This is a single point of failure so if the server or internet connection fails will mean lots of bounce back messages.
If you think this is right for you then GFI would be my recommendation.

Hardware based Solution
This is where you install a Hardware Firewall which handles all the scanning.
They are part or totally managed by the manufacturers.
They stop the threats before it gets onto your network.
They handle the load which frees up and speeds up your server.
Some backup your email but this is normally extra cost in most cases.
Unless you have deep pockets and buy two then you have a single point of failure and even then, if you lose your internet you still will get lots of bounce back messages.
They are traditionally expensive as there is Hardware involved and then a maintenance agreement on top.
The licenses are normally pretty rigid and you normally get roped into a support contract for updates and support
Yes they perform a backup but they still need to backed up themselves as they are still susceptible to Fire, Flood, Theft and Total Failure!
They still need some configuration which is time and money.
If you think this is right for you then PineApp or Barracuda are good.

SaaS based Solution
This is where a provider processes your email and then sends it (Relays) it to you.
They are totally managed by the provider so anyone of any technical ability can use them.
They usually have very high SLAs so you can virtually guarantee your email will be working and no bounce backs.
They work in the cloud so threats never make it to your network.
They take the load and only pass good messages to your network so your server or PC runs faster.
There is no software to install so you can have any SMTP based system and it will work.
There is no software to install so it doesnt matter if you want to change your system.
Backups are done with some providers and this is a live backup so you wont lose a message between backups or have to copy many gig of data off site each night.
Some of the emerging ones are a very cheap alternative.
They are unmanaged so leave it to the experts and get on with something else and also, stopping spam is very tedious.
Some are not highly configurable but some are so choose wisely.
If you think this is right for you then Message Labs or the one I use MailFilterUK are good.
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