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Packard bell motherboard problems


I've got a friends PC here. s/n 045232120694. gives exact specification.

When you press the power button at the front, nothing happens on the screen. the monitor never switches to the green LED, nothing is displayed.

I've tried removing all periperals and everything that isn't power/video but it makes no difference.

I've tried a different PSU, but still no luck.

I've tried different memory. No luck.

I've tried CMOS reset, both by removing the battery and by using the Jumper.

Tried a new battery.

The fan whirrs away on the processor, but other than that it's lifeless.

The Power LED on the front is on, and red.

There is a small green LED on the motherboard which is an ASUS P5S800-VM/s.

I'm guessing it's the motherboard. I don't have a processor I can swap into it to try.

1. Do you think I'm right?

2. Is there a new motherboard I could buy that would accept the processor/memory combination? Perhaps from ebuyer?

3. What effect will the Tatoo (thing) have if I replace the board.

Many thanks,
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2 Solutions
1. Can't say for sure, a bad cpu will do that also.
2. Don't know, the link only went to the 'find product' page for me.
dave_p_r_bAuthor Commented:
odds are 95% mobo bad, 5% or less CPU bad.
if it helsp, here my troubleshooting guide :
Here my troubleshooting procedure :
clean the system from dust, then  test with the minimum setup - disconnect also all peripherals and network cables :
connect only  motherboard + cpu + 1 ram stick, video card, power supply
verify that the 4-pin cpu Aux power plug is connected
on boot, do you have a display?
if NO it is one of the connected, swap ram, Power supply, video card or monitor - leaving only motherboard and cpu
if Yes, add devices till the problem shows

you can also check the motherboard for bad capacitors as shown here :

additional tests and things to try :
boot without ram, it should beep; (also, without video card)
try bios default settings,(if possible) or clear the bios by removing AC and bios battery
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I'm with nobus. Most likely the motherboard. Especially if you get no beeps with the ram not installed.

Getting another mobo/cpu shouldn't be too hard.
You do need to make sure that the PacBell power supply is using the same mobo connector pinout as the standard power supplys use.
I know the connector will fit, but I don't know if/when they ever changed to the standard pinout.

Could you give more info on the Tatoo thing?
If it is what I am thinking, it depends on what mobo you get as a replacement.
If it is the same mobo, it "shouldn't" be a problem, if different, it could range from a repair install to having to get a new OS disk.
You need to take that up with PacBell.
dave_p_r_bAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments.

I understand about the PSU pinout, I'll check.

The "tattoo" thing. Sorry about the description there, but I've had trouble with it before when it gets corrupt. It's a way of stopping the recovery disk being used on a different PC. I guess its some kind of algorithm to generate a value that it unique to the original computer.

I've found this page which gives a much better description. I have no idea what a motherboard DMI is, and if I will be able to, or have to, apply this tattoo to the new motherboard.

Do I have the alternative of installing from a OEM windows disk, and using the key that came with the computer, bypassing the PB process altogether? I understand the licence permits replacement of a motherboard if it were to fail (and not just to upgrade for the fun of it).

You've been a great help so far.
>> I've found this page..

It's almost 2am here, and that just twisted my head.  8 \
I will try again tomorrow.

>> ... alternative of installing from a OEM windows disk...

You mean a retail disk? That usually works, but the PacBell key probably won't.
No matter what you try, make a clone of the hard drive, or at least back up anything he doesn't want to loose.

DMI (Desktop Management Interface) is an industry framework for managing and keeping track of hardware and software components in a system of personal computers from a central location. DMI was created by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF) to automate system management and is particularly beneficial in a network computing environment where dozens or more computers are managed. DMI is hardware and operating system-independent, independent of specific management protocols, easy for vendors to adopt, mappable to existing management protocols such as the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and used on network and non-network computers.

long, boring one:
dave_p_r_bAuthor Commented:
I'm waiting for a new motherboard to arrive. Will fit it and post then.

>>>> ... alternative of installing from a OEM windows disk...
>>You mean a retail disk?

No, I have an OEM disk I bought when I built my own system.

Thanks all for your help. As I said, I'll let you know if it works, and dish out the points.


I am still not sure how their tattoing works, other than it IDs the system.   : /
Thank you much.   : )
dave_p_r_bAuthor Commented:
To summarise:
I installed a new motherboard, ASUS P5KPL-CM. (Poor choice, only one IDE port, needed two really - my fault.). Easy, straighforward installation with a 20 to 24 pin power supply adapter.

I used the OEM Windows disk mentioned above with the licence key from the Packard Bell Pc.

Still don't fully understand the tatoo thing, thankfully, using the windows disk avoided the problem.

Many thatnks to all.

>> using the windows disk avoided the problem

That's good to hear.  : )
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