Accessing different database schemas using JNDI with Spring and Hibernate


We are using Struts2+Spring+Hibernate+JNDI in our project. In our database we have tables in different schemas. At runtime, the DB schema must be selected dynamically depending on the user selection. How can I make Spring+JNDI pick up the right DB schema or datasource at runtime?
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anilallewarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The AbstractRoutingDataSource  is the concrete implementation of the methodology that I described above that is available in the Spring framework. You can find more details & example with Spring on the below sites.
You can have a properties file that has mapping for schema - datasource name. This mapping can be picked up statically and your connection class can use the correspoding class to return the relevant connection.
Should be

your connection class can use the correspoding JNDI datasource to return the relevant connection from pool.
cuttieveenzAuthor Commented:
I have read something about the AbstractRoutingDataSource class. How is this used?
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