Configuration VLAN in HP Procurve SWITCH

I have new switch hp ProCurve 2610
I need the Configuration  for that switch if I have 2 VLAN
OFFICE_LAN : 172.16.XXX.XXX (17 PC "Windows Xp")
SERVER_LAN : 172.15.XXX.XXX (2 Server = proxy server "Windows 2000 server"+Application server "Redhat")
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AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
any Help, any expert ?
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
any Help, any expert ?
You need a router in between the two VLANs:

This means you have two options:
For each VLAN, you'll need to trunk it into a router interface.

Or if you have a router that can do sub interface -- you'll just need one trunk port and create two subinterface.

for example if you have a cisco router that can do subinterface.

router#(config)interface 0.1
router#(config-int)encapsulation dot1q (your vlan number here)
router#(config-int)ip address a.b.c.d s.s.s.s
router#(config-int)interface 0.2
router#(config-int)encapsulation dot1q (your other vlan number here)
router#(config-int)ip address a.b.c.d s.s.s.s

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AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
Dear LANm0nk3y
switch hp ProCurve 2610 is L3 Switch :) so  only I need to routing in between the two VLANs
Ah... not familiar with procurve' configuration

I figure you'll just have to go into it, add two vlan interface -- designate it as your default gw for each of the subnet.  Then you're good to go.  Oh you have to assign each of the ports as "Access" to the vlan you want.
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
i can access to hp switch

what is the conflagration command ?
if the command (which it may appear) looks like cisco

once inside the config mode (generally using command "configure terminal")

ip routing
int vlan x
ip address 172.16.c.d s.s.s.s
int vlan y
ip address 172.15.c.d s.s.s.s
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
that is not working
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:

what about tagged and untagged ?
If you're using dot1q standard, untagged.

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AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
all the port now is untagged for VALN1

but the problem I can not ping the other vlan ??
do you have IP routing enabled?
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
I solve The problem I will update you the commands
Did you ever get a solution, or do you still need help on this?
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
the problem was in untagged the port to vlan that is was my problem
AymanDasaAuthor Commented:
it was only untagged problem
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