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Shared calendars not showing users names in tab bar

Hi There,

I have a user that is a PA to a number of directors. She has access to 4 directors inboxes and calendars and just calendars for all other directors.
The 4 directors (that she had inbox access to) show up in her 'my calendars' and the other she does not have inbox access to show up normally in the 'people's calendars'.

The problem we are having is because the 4 directors calendars are showing up in her 'my calendars' they are not showing the names of the directors in the calendar tab at the top so it quite confusing to tell who's calendars are who's when booking appointments ect...

It wasn't always like this so i am wondering if there is a setting i am missing that someone might be able to help with.

If you need to know anything else please ask :)

Thanks in advance

Carl :)
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This happens when an Mailbox or Calendar is "Shared" by adding the mailbox or calendar to the PA's Outlook profile as an Additional Mailbox.

Ideally, the Directors should have the PA added as an Delegate with appropriate permissions on their Calendar or Inbox if need be.

Then the PA should be using the "Open a Shared Calendar" Option.
Not by accessing their Calendars under My calendars.

Once she has initially viewed the director(s) calendar using this method. Their calendars will be added under "Peoples Calendars", as it should be, for quick access next time.
YouGov2008Author Commented:
Hi again

Ok i have checked that the PA was added in one of the directors delegates options which she was with the correct permission. She needs the mailbox to be added through (tools-account settings-more settings-advance-addition mailbox) as she need to see their sent and deleted items and adding the mail box the other way doesn't show you this.

I have an additional mailbox  in my outlook for a user and his calendar is shown in 'my calendars' but his name does not dissapear when i leave the calendar page as does the director's with the PA.

Any other thoughts please :)


Sorry, a bit confused now.

Is she having trouble with the Directors Calendars disappearing when she goes from her calendar to the inbox and back to calendar, Or is she having trouble with the way the Users names are displayed in the Calendar Tab (i.e. Calendar In Mailbox&..)

Which Version Of Outlook are you using?
There are some known issues with shared calendars disappearing when changing from Calendar view to Inbox View and back to Calendar View. However, this is fixed in the latest Service Packs.

Office 2003 SP3:

Office 2007 SP2:

If you are having trouble with the way the Directors Names are displayed on the calendar Tab in Outlook when using the calendar under "My Calendars":

After you have installed the latest SPs
What you have to do is go to Tools>Account Settings>More Settings>Advanced
Remove the Directors Mailboxes.
Apply Ok Finish

Then in Outlook go to File>Open>Other Users Folder
Select Calendar, Enter the Directors Name
OK to open the shared calendar.
This will add their Calendar under "People Calendars"

Do this for each Director.

Once you have all the directors names under People Calendars.

Go back to
Tools>Account Settings>More Settings>Advanced
and re-add the directors mailboxes here.

Once you have done this, you will see that the directors Calendars are now under My Calendars and People Calendars. Have the PA only use the Calendars under People Calendars.

And the issue with the Display of the Names on the Tabs will no longer be an issue anymore
YouGov2008Author Commented:
Hi Apache09

Thanks so much for all your help. What you suggested worked perfectly. I think i will try that service pack on a few other machines that are playing up with Outlook 2007.

Have a nice day :)


YouGov2008Author Commented:
Thank You!
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