Internet Explorer opens a Blank Page

Internet explorer 7 , then i uninstalled it and kept 6 , the problem wasnt solved
Problem : when i open any website , it loads but doesnt open the website , instead it stays Blank ( white page )
i uninstalled all my tool bars ( also tried to run it with the "no toolbar mood"
i tried to fix registries (here is the dlls i tried to fix by running command and the following
  regsvr32 scrrun.dll

      regsvr32 msxml.dll

      regsvr32 mshtml.dll

      regsvr32 shdocvw.dll

      regsvr32 browseui.dll

      regsvr32 msjava.dll
      regsvr32 urlmon.dll

      regsvr32 actxprxy.dll
nothing changed
the problem is still these !
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I think I would update to IE8 as now available for download.
That fixed it for me
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
I did that too and it didnt work !
when you say it opens up a blank page.. you mean..... you could open IE... and then type "" and it would just site there and not load anything?? or pop up a new blank page???
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Download Firefox. That will resolve the issue
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
when you say it opens up a blank page.. you mean..... you could open IE... and then type "" and it would just site there and not load anything?? or pop up a new blank page???
yes i can open IE and when i type any address for example : it stays blank , it doesnt open another popup or anything , it just loads then stays blank instead of opening the website

sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
i Love firefox , but i need internet explorer to be working for many reasons
yeah alot of people think all you need is firefox.... wrong!... what about web developers??... you can't make something that is only firefox friendly...seeing as how more than half the population still uses internet explorer..... have you ran IE with add-ons disabled??
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
0791882310: thanks , i tried it first and same same :(
and exactly , i am a web developer and I have to test my pages to be working 100% for IE , since more than 80% still use IE , in fact many people don't even know that there is any other option rather than IE :)
yeah i have no idea how to fix your problem... but as another web developer i'll tell you what i use when testing pages :)... i problem i had alot was screen resolution... well what i do to test pages in explorer (all versions), firefox, safari on windows and mac, and opera... i use vmware... i have windows xp installed that has all version of IE (there is an installer you can get to install all versions at once and each version is independent from the other) and firefox and all that other good stuff, and i also have mac ox 10.4 and 10.5 running in a virtual machine (i have a mac but i hate having to use it :) ) and then i can just boot up all three... leave them running in the background and when i need to test something just open the one i need... and since it's virtualized.. the screen resolution can be set to crazy amounts to test different resolutions... and i used to use the built in thing in dreamweaver for testing pages for mobile.. yeah it sucks... i use a blackberry emulator now :)
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
sorry i just came online :)
it seems my only solution would be a format !! :(
and m8 , resolution is indeed something that worries me lots , especially when i am required to make something to fit all screens , and the deference of the display between Ie and Firefox , but generally if a design or program is working good on Firefox , then it actually work good on opera and safari etc ..
and what is vmware. , i never tried it .. can u tell me more about it ?
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
anyone have other ideas that am not aware of :( ?
vmware is virtualization software so that you can run an operating system inside of another one... i use windows 7... but i need to do testing in windows xp and mac os x 10.5... instead of having three different computers setup... i have one with windows 7, and i have windows xp and mac osx installed on it as virtual machines so i can run them whenever i need to without having to either reboot or change computers... and in a virtual machine... the resolution can be set far beyond what the monitor can handle (it's virtualized)... so you can do really good testing on a crappy monitor (i have to work with a crappy monitor)
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
Wow , great ! , i didnt notice it was short for vertual machine :)
but realy great idea to use , am just concerned about the resources of my pc :)
but i will try it soon , and btw have you tried IE 8's new feature (compatable mood ) does it really change the view of any website that is not compatable with your screen resolution so as to make it the best view for you ? if so , i would consider it a magor leap in web design ( although am a firefox supporter) but it might meen the end of the need for flexable (stretch design) ! is that so , coz i didnt have enough time to take a good look at it ?
and btw GUYS am still waiting for an answer :) !
At our office we had a computer that would crap out when the internet Explorer opened. It was browser helper objects messing it up. I used a Malware remover, Spybot Search and Destroy, to remove the browser helpers that were making it crash. Maybe that's part of your problem, a broken browser helper.
Upgrade to IE7 again.
Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Reset
This will reset all the IE settings to default.
This is a great feature in IE7 which has helped me many times.
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply but actually i do have Spybot on my pc and i run it daily , all clean !
am afriad my problem remains :(
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
thanks , and no i did that earlier and nothing changed , (reset to default ) and i have IE 8  now , not 7
and same same
sarmadhaddadAuthor Commented:
the question is still open !
anyone can find any new solution !! :(
Considering the IE upto my knowledge and research, the only way is try installing newer version if the problem still exists then you have to reinstall the windows since IE is builtin feature and once it is corrupted or lost there is no way to get it back :(. you can choose the option to keep the backup on reinstalling your window (always safe to take yourself one backup)
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